Monday, December 22, 2008

Slow Missionary Monday

We were stuck driving in a blizzard----driving for four hours through Utah. I do love my Bakersfield weather in December. So here is the letter.
Feliz Navidad!!!!!!!! well this has got to be the weirdest christmas of my life but i love it. we went to asuncion and had a little shin-dig it was way fun. we left at 1 in the morning got there at 630ish went and got some breakfast at a little tienda. after that we all sat down in the big room with all the missionaries in the whole mission it was sweet. i got to see all my buddies from the mtc and they all said they dont understand anyone either so i dont feel so bad anymore. but after a few salutations the presidente said we were going to the movie theatre. but he didnt tell us what movie so we all (180 to be exacted) walked through the street of paraguay to the movie theatre in our suits and ties it looked pretty cool sorry no photo. everyone was all pumped cause we went into the madagascar 2 theatre, i didnt even know they were making a 2nd one, but alas our hopes were shot down when the lds commericals started to role. ¨isnt it about....time from the church of Jesus Christ...¨ but it was still cool to watch the nativity in spanish. after that we had a little musical program and this abuelo played the harp. then we eat and exchanged gifts i got this killer lapiz holder. over all pretty bomb fiesta. this week went by way fast but i feels like i did so much and i want to tell you like a million things. welll first we got another set of missionaries in our apartment they were having problems with their apartment so they are staying with us for the week it has been fun living with three latinos who dont know any english. it has helped my spanish a lot. i still have trouble understanding everything but after they say it 2 or 3 or 4 times i can get it. ha luckily guy jokes arent that complex and most of them dont even need words so those are pretty easy to understand. we have a lot of new investigators this week everyone wants to talk about Jesus right now hopefully this will continue after christmas too. most of the families are really interested and like the lessons a lot until we teach the word of wisdom. then the dads dont really like having us over anymore. paraguayans are interesting people they think that it is fine to get hammered everynight and it wont effect their bodies, but they wont eat watermelon and milk together cause they think their stomach will blow up. yeah i dont know. teaching the word of wisdom as a health principle is pretty worthless here good thing its a commandment from God and we can just read them a scripture about it and bear testimony and then most of them understand. i love bearing my testimony, maybe because thats all i can really do well right now in spanish, but the biggest reason i think is because i love feeling the spirit and speaking through that power. sometimes im not really 100 percent sure on what i said but as long as they understood and they felt the spirit thats all that matters. dang i have to get off i still have so much more to tell you. luckily im talk to you on wednesday. you can call me at hermana hernadas casa at 595-0615-01176 ill be waiting at 4 oclock my time so i think thats 1 your time but double check on that for me por favor. and this is wednesday not thursday i hope thats fine. if not well then make it fine cause i want to talk to you all. les amo muchoooooooooooo!!!!! i love being a missionary.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Missionary Mail YIPPEEEE

Que tal shada! thats the first guarani word i learned (shada) thats not how you really spell it but guarani has a different alphabet so yeah i cant type it but thats how you say it it means dude. i feel pretty dang cool saying. but that is the extent of my guarani knowledge. i was thinking i would wait until after i figured out this whole spanish thing before i moved on to the next language. Which is coming along ummmm... mas o menos. i can understand more but my speaking ability is still about the same. my companion is helping me out a lot i love this kid to death. i dont know if i told you but he is from Ecuador he doesnt have any brothers or sisters. He was baptized at the age of 12 same day as his dad. his dad now works as the head maintance guy for the ecuador templo. he said that being baptized turned his life around. the weather here this week was a lot better it rained like crazy yesterday i took some pics ill send them next week. were in the central right now and your not suppose to carry anything too expensive on you for.. well you just dont. tomorrrow were going to Asuncion for the fiesta de navidad with all the missionaries in the mission. its going to be pretty dulce. there is like 170 missions total in our mission we have 6 in our district and 18 in our zone. our zone is pretty awesome its mostly latinos entonces im getting pretty dang good at futbol. we play every pday i usually score all the goals. k i lied they smoke me everytime. but by the end of my mission i think i should be good enough for the Galaxy. ha me and David (beckham) just j chillin during half time. but the kids we teach like to watch me TRY to play soccer. ha this kid Junny whose grandma is getting baptized next week is trying to teach me a few tricks. manuela is my favorite lady in the world. she is the abuela of junny. she is the one who can only speak guarani and understand a little spanish. about two days ago we went over to her house, junny was there to translate for us, and if she doesnt understand something shell look at junny to i guess give the signal to translate. we were re-teaching the 1st lesson and i was teaching about Christ's life and before this i was kinda down cause i wasnt making much progress with my spanish this day or the past two days before and no one could understand what i was saying i didnt know what was wrong. so i was little frustrated. But when i started talking about Christ´s life in my broken spanish and with my vocabulary of a 7 year old; Manuela was able to understand me. and instead of looking at here grandson for a translation she started to respond to what i said and i was able to understand and she was speaking in mixed guarani it was definitely the top moment of my mission so far. it was pretty awesome. i love teaching and relying on the spirit. i love you all and i love being a missionary les amo muchoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you all for your letters i loved them

Sunday, December 14, 2008

This weekend was spent cheering on the three boys still at home. Marc has been called to be the Stake Sports guy. He has done an amazing job. He organized a ping-pong tournament,and this weekend held a flag-football tournament for the young men in our stake. Eight teams participated and after rain, wind and a little hail, the scrappy fifth ward boys emerged triumphant. They had to play the boys from Delano three times to be crowned the champions - but by 1 o'clock Saturday afternoon it was over and I had two very tired and sore and dirty but jubilant sons (and one husband in the same shape as the sons who by 1:30 were sacked out until 5 when I had to wake them for the amazing ward dinner. We had to leave the dinner to go to Mason's basketball game but the place was decorated fabulously and the food was Delicious (delicious with a capital T doesn't begin to describe the smells that were floating down the church hallway as we came in the building!) Sunday's goals *Just hoping to finally put up our tree. No partridge, no pear tree, just a fake pine with some lights could help spread some holiday cheer. Hopefully I can post a picture of our tree and our bang-up graham cracker houses this evening. Merry Christmas to all

Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday's Missionary Post

Here is the Monday letter. I'm posting it the way it came so you can add your own apostrophes and capitalization wherever you want them.
----Side note---- after I posted his letter I googled Cuidad Del Este so I could have some idea where he is serving and mostly what I found out is, it is on the border between Paraguay and Brazil and is notorious for drug-smuggling. I guess it isn't just ipods or xbox that Elder Urmston could purchase for pretty cheap. Please keep him in your prayers. Pray he will be safe as he loves and teaches the people of Paraguay. From one faithful but frightened MOM (only a few tears rolling down my cheeks)
Que tal!!! well everything in Paraguay is amazing. I dont even know where to start. my companion is awesome his name is elder Ramerez hes been out for a year and a half so he definitely knows what he is doing. he is about 5 foot nothing and has one of the biggest smiles you've ever seen. people always ask why they put the shortest missionary with the tallest. he is from Ecuador and he knows about 6 words in english two of which he obtained from an elder from utah who liked the words flippin and freakin so that doesnt really help our communication very much but makes me laugh so its ok. um currently im in zona 8 in ciudad del este. which is just about the farthest you can go east in our mission. Tambien it has the 2nd largest black market in the world so if anyone one needs a new computer or ipods or xbox 360 i can get them for like 50 to 100 bucks just let me know. i dont know if anyone told you but its kinda hot here and humid and really sunny and did i say hot cause its hot like 105 with some serious humidity. so yeah its hot. but i gain a huge appreciation for water so i guess thats something good from it (that was for you dad number 5 i think). right now we have 3 investigator with fechas. One is named Jessica and she is 15 she loves to pray and read whatever we give her. she is awesome. Another is manuala who is the abuela of a member family. she only speaks Guarani so we teach and her daughter translates. Its pretty much the coolest thing in the world i have no idea what they are saying but the spirit is so strong during these lessons. i cant wait to understand Guarani well i guess i should learn spanish first. the other is Junior but i havent meet him yet. he is in asuncion for some hoilday about the virgin Mary. i dont know what it is but there were fireworks going of all night it was crazy. my companion said that during christmas it gets even crazy with the fireworks and new years you cant sleep and we wont go out the day after cause every one is sleeping and smashed or drunk. Im pretty excited for next week we get to go to the presidents casa for christmas for games and comida so that should be pretty sweet. this lettter doesnt have much structure but this place is closing in like 20 mins for the virgin mary thing so i have to get of soon. um im having a great time everyone is so nice. everywhere we go people want to listen its awesome. we walk down the street and people yell MORMONS come over here or ELDERS que tal. its so much fun helping people and teaching them about this restored gospel. ts going to be even more fun when i can understand them. im studying hard and always trying to learn new words from my companion. and yesterday i promised the ward when i bore my testimony that i would undrestand them in 1 month so i need to start working even harder and definitely need your prayers. i think my favorite part of the day is when people try to say my name its hilarious not one person has said it right. my companion is still trying to get it. most of the kids at church just call me Elder kent cause they think i look like superman. well everyting is going great im loving every minute of this my testimony has grown so much and i know it will grow even more. it doesnt matter where you are the church is true. i love being a missionary Elder Urmston PS write me a letter

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Elder Urmston is in Paraguay

I have to share this fun letter. I can't believe how happy my son is. He has always been a happy kid but never really expressed it in words, just went around the house spreading love and cheer. It sounds cheesy but he really did. Last Wednesday in our email he told us he would call us from the airport on Monday afternoon while he was having a layover in Georgia. Monday morning I went to the gym only to come home and find out I had missed his call. I called Marc to tell him while trying not to shed any tears but darn they rolled down my cheeks anyway. I didn't know if that would be the only call and his plans had changed or what the happenings would be. Lucky for me he called again about 15 minutes later. His flight out of Salt Lake had been delayed due to weather and they said they could call. (Totally amazed at the perfect obedience that the MTC has instilled in my son. His greatest desire is to be obedient. Like I said TOTALLY AMAZED)The first thing he asked, after telling me they gave them permission to call, was what is up with gas prices? Is the end coming? When he went in the MTC gas was still in the $4 range and the entire van was mesmerized as they passed gas station with a van full of elders cramming their faces up to the windows to take a gander at one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was so stinkin' cute I had to share and below is his first letter from Paraguay. I promise not to post all of them because I know we only read posts of a couple paragraphs but indulge me because I have to admit that missing him is overshadowed one thousand percent with all the wonder of seeing him grow.
yyyyeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! im here paraguay is so awesome. everything is amazing. its like 80 degrees with people in the world, said its not going to last it should be above 100 with some sweet humidity in about 4 weeks. cant wait. i dont know who my companion is yet or were im serving but i find out tonight and ill let a nice breeze and not to much humidity. pero President Bradley, who has to be top 5 coolest you know monday. a couple of rules i can only email immediate family and i get an hour each p-day. i still have dearelder which is free so hit me up on that por favor. umm i can sent letters but it cost like 7 mill which is like a buck 50ish. and it takes like a week and a half to three weeks to get anything. what else can i tell you oh last night we stayed in a hotel which was.... umm nice. its so weird being in the world. everything is so different i cant believe how sheltered we were in the mtc. we have already seen some pretty sweet stuff like this cool cemetary that at first i thought was a little town but i guess everyone is buried above ground here. umm there were cops all over the airport with some serious fire power no joke like 007 assualt rifles. it was pretty dulce. everyone drivers crazy i felt like i was in bourne identity. and all the trucks have like 15 people in the back of them. umm oh we got delayed in

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I love the mail. (MONDAYS ONLY) I love the sound of the mailman coming around the corner. Then I hear his sliding door open and shut. If it is Monday, that means we are getting a letter from our missionary. He officially has his flight plans and will be calling us next Monday during his layover. He is calling between 2 and 3:30 so don't call (I really don't get calls during the day anyway), I can't answer. Pretty exciting. He is loving life and his big excitement is wondering which Apostle will be speaking to the elders and hermanas at the MTC for Thanksgiving. I know part of him is dying to be playing in the Turkey Bowl but the fact that he is looking for the good makes a mom's heart proud. Grateful for letters from my son is the though for Tuesday.

Monday I didn't write but here goes. On Monday mornings, I teach a water aerobics class. As I was leaving with my wet suit and towel wrapped around my lower half, I noticed a blind man with a stick wandering through the parking lot. I asked him if I he needed some help. (Obviously if he was blind he could not see my hot body in the lime green swim suit so I had no qualms about talking to him) He said he was looking for the Dept. of Rehab.. He was in the wrong parking lot so I told him I could help him around the corner where the building he needed to go to was located. He said he would love some help so off we went. It took about 10 minutes, so I did a good deed and had a chance to contemplate all that I have that is good and the laundry was able to wait for 10 minutes. The simple things like arms, legs, eyes, and all the things that work just because I am blessed. So thank you to Heavenly Father for an amazing body that only stops working when I stop taking care of it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Today I am thankful for---

What am I thankful for today? I have so many choices, but right now it is a clean sink. I just dumped lots and lots of ajax in my sink and scrubbed all the nasties away. My fridge is a mess. My bathrooms are worse than the fridge but if anyone stops by I will tell them "close your eyes and look at this beautiful sink", No dishes or tootpaste remnants just sparkling white ceramic.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Week Of Thanksgiving

Every night when I say my prayers, I thank my Heavenly Father for our home that gives us shelter and keeps us safe. Often I think my children wonder why I continually thank Heavenly Father for this blessing of shelter and comfort. This picture speaks volumes as to why every day and every night I will continue to thank him for what I have. Tonight I am speaking on budgeting and Christmas (which is pretty much an oxymoron and a topic that no one should have to listen to) but it has given me time to think about what I have and what I do with what I have. I gave my children some suggestions about what they could give me for Christmas and I am adding this one. Anything from I think a goat is a fun gift. My sister and her family as well as my parents have been involved with this charity for years and everything given goes directly to help villagers improve their village. I am hoping that as my children read about others and their struggles to survive they will come to understand that a daily prayer offering thanks is really a gift to ourselves as we slow down enough to realize all we need is right around us. Be grateful, more grateful today for one thing than you were yesterday.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2 Weeks/2 Months

Well in 2 weeks Elder D Jordan Urmston will be in Paraguay. I have to apologize to all the people who told me that the time would go fast. (I wanted to tell them "that was only because they didn't love their missionary as much as I loved mine") So here it goes, you were right and I was wrong. We are almost 1/12 of the way through this wonderful experience and it really has been more than wonderful. Some pointers for the mothers of young boys. #1 Make your sons learn to type. Really type, where your fingers are on the right keys and your eyes are on the keyboard. Jordan is able to type a very small letter and then his friend with typing skills can send home a discourse. I am happy for the letter for the message still is there but the details are pretty sketchy. #2 Read them the Book of Mormon. Jordan ends every letter with the church is true and the book is blue-So if any of you have an old blue Book of Mormon I will trade you a batch of homemade rolls for it so it can go in his Christmas pkg. #3 Hug all over them everyday (tears rolling down my chubby cheeks) cause even if they still let you hug them when they are in high school when they leave and aren't around to hug it really hurts. Okay I have to stop!!! The words are all blurry and my mouth is not enjoying the salty sensation of the tears.
The 2 month is in reference to Courtney. Courtney is now getting married in January and not June. I haven't posted this even though I have known for a month is because I am in a brain spin. I love this girl and she is marrying a wonderful young man who treats her the way you want a young man to treat your daughter. I am in major stress mode and am thinking that I might need an addiction to make it through planning a wedding in 2 months. Marc thinks only having two months of a stressed out wife is not such a bad thing. Obviously he doesn't understand shopping for a wedding dress with a daughter is something that will take me two months to decompress from.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Original Family Runner

Before there were Marathon Runners, Triathletes, All-American Swimmers, League Champion Football Players-there was a little girl who loved to run and run and run. She would go to the back of the pack and wait for the right time and then run like the race was a sprint. With her proud parents watching-Dad at the edge yelling encouragement and Mom yelling encouragement into the camera, she would thrill us everytime. Well she did it again. She has coached many fantastic runners to a few valley championships,but today she decided she would try running a race for herself. Only four months after giving birth to a new baby boy, she ran a Half-Marathon. As her father I am amazed (amazed that anyone enjoys running or wants to go through that punishment)! Well, there she was. She finished the race, very tired, but proud that she could still do it. Time to run 13.2 miles-Me-still running into next week-Nicole- 2 hours and 8 minutes. Way to go Nicole, I am proud of you. Love Dad

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Grateful Mom

It is so hard to breathe when I sob. Is this a personal challenge or does everyone else have this problem? I have been reading cjane for months and praying everyday for this sweet wonderful family who are daily an example for me. Today while blog hopping (it is my defiance to the house I don't want to clean)I came across another family whose life has been turned upside down and they have turned to the Lord and the internet full of angel blogger. Visiting the sites I do gives me great faith that the Lord knows we are doing a pretty good job on this earth,even with it's messed up problems. I just want to keep going forward-loving my family-loving the Lord and trying to then keep going forward when I lose my focus on why I am here on this earth. It's a test and sometimes I forget that and think that I signed up for a "day at the beach". With Thanksgiving right around the corner and then Christmas, I want to look at life and find all the big and little reasons to be grateful. Then when my children ask what I want for Christmas, this year I can have a new answer. Every year I tell them a clean house and happy kids is what I want. They always roll their eyes and I do get happy kids most days but the clean house wish is pretty sketchy. I want them to donate to either one of these families or to the perpetual education fund. These blogs have touched my life for good and I hope that by my children perhaps reading about these families they can learn that even when life is hard LIFE IS GOOD. If you want an emotional cleansing go visit Mia or CJane.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is it True?

Oh my baby boy is 15. 15 is not quite sixteen but it is peeking around the corner and I want it to go away. My sweet, adorable, funny, huggable, Logan is 15. It took me a whoe day to post because when I think about it I want to cry. In my mind he is still the little boy looking up at Mom with those big brown eyes. In reality he is a teenager who snickers at "that's what she said" opportunities. I love and adore this boy and the fact that he loves his family and cousins so stinkin' much. He loves to hang out with his friends and wants to find a game of basketball, football, baseball, or soccer everyday so he can play. He runs non-stop for 14 hours and then drops dead into bed. He lights up our home with his laughter and I feel lucky to be his mom!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Project night is here AGAIN!

Craft night is Nov. 4th. Come on over after you have voted. Let us know which projects you want to make and we will have it ready for you! FUN FUN FUN Anyone who wants to come is invited.

Each block is painted a different color and the has an embellishement and a letter to spell FAMILY. It is $15.00

This one is 12x12 and is $15.00

This one is $10.00

Friday, October 24, 2008

"The glass is half full" kinda gal.

I am really trying to find the silver lining in this election fiasco. I read a great article and for anyone who wants to spend some time reading click here-Fairness-

Monday, October 20, 2008

Teacher's Backlash to CTA

Marc spoke with his union rep. regarding the CTA donation and fuond out he can make a statement by requesting the portion of his dues that are used for political purposes to be refunded. My friend Natalie also called me this morning and told me of some of her family members who work in the education field and gave me a website that speaks to the issue. I don't advocate pulling your kids out of school however, as this really only hurts the local school and cuts their funding. It wouldn't impact the CTA but I do feel writing letters to the editor and also to the CTA is a wonderful way to let our voices be heard on this nasty little mistake.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

No, no, no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't even believe this world. Marc has one of the most noble professions TEACHING, and therefore must belong to the union of SCUM. The CTA has made its second donation to the No on Prop. 8 organization - to the tune of 1 million dollars. (Last donation was $250,000.00)I hope you can hear me screaming no right now wherever you are. I have already contacted my brother the lawyer to see how we can withdraw from this union he is forced to belong to. It doesn't seem right that we as a family spend our time fighting for what we believe in and his union pours dollars in the exact wrong direction. Please know that it was the union and not the teachers who made this wonderful decision on how to spend the dues but oh that makes it even more despicable. For a link to the article see Candice Lynn's blog. I don't know how to link and I am shaking so bad right now I might send you to some militant group.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall into this!!!

Tuesday night we did a project night of fun. We were a little crafty and ate some treats. I made my favorite fall dessert and thought I would share the recipe for anyone wanting to bake on this blessed "cool down" weekend. The recipe is from Mandee's blog who shared it from Thanksgiving Point. It is amazing and I have finished off the pan all by myself one delicious piece at a time.

Fall's Best Pumpkin Bars
1 cup oil
4 eggs
2 cups sugar
2 cups flour
1 tsp soda
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
32 oz pumpkin
2 tsp cinnamon
Mix oil, eggs, and sugar. Mix dry ing. together and then fold into wet. Add pumpkin(which now comes in 28 oz cans due to the shrinking packages of the canning factories of America)I used the 28 oz. can and it was still delicious. Pour into an ungreased 10 x 18 (cookie sheet sized with edges)pan and bake @ 325 for 25 minutes. Let cool (because if you don't the frosting will melt into the bars which only adds to the fabulous taste but it doesn't look neat and pretty and bakeryesque)and frost.
8 oz cream cheese (softened)
1/2 cup butter (softened)
2 tbsp milk
1 tsp vanilla
4 c powdered sugar (1 lb)
Mix together to frost cake and lick your fingers well while frosting.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Okay for all you moms who have already sent out a missionary it's official"We are crazy". When Marc brought in the mail I chased him around the house trying to grab the letter from him. He wouldn't give it to me but did let me sit on his lap so I could read it while he did. I thought I would die waiting for it. It has only been a week but it seems like a year that he has been gone. Even Mason at the table keeps commenting on how weird, quiet, lonely our house is without our fearless stud brother. I knew I would miss him but seriously everyday. Don't worry all my letters to him are encouraging and uplifting. I feel encouraged and uplifted myself with the spirit which is the only way I am handling this. So when you ask me how I'm doing if my answer is anything but "dying inside" know that I am lying. I hear it gets better. For those of you who haven't sent your sons yet- love them and -hug them and -kiss them even if they push you away. I am so grateful for this chance to let the Lord have my son for two years but know that I am also grateful for a testimony that lets me do so. I love this gospel and conference was of course exactly perfect for me. As President Monson admonished, I am living for today and cherishing this chance to have a son serving a mission but when the next 720 tomorrows are over there will be a major party at Southwick!!!
Okay for all of you who care- here is the condensed version of the letter.
His companion didn't arrive until 7 pm the first night so he was totally freaked out. His companion is like a physicist so Jordan's not sure they will hang out on the gym floor together but he says and I quote "I love him so much already" He said he walked around the first day and couldn't quit smiling all day. He had heard the second day was the hardest but he is a pretty happy guy so I'm betting he walks around for 2 months with a big smile on his face. He addressed our letter "Dear Familia" and said gracias so he thinks he is an expert at the language. I do pray every day that he will have the blessings promised to him in his Patriarchal blessing regarding his ability to learn things. He had only two minutes to write us as he still needed to read his scriptures. He also asked for the little game things to remember Scripture Mastery. Life is GOOD!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Too Much Fun

My sister in law Jaime and I had planned on taking a cake decorating class. The classes keep being filled when we check to sign up so we decided it can't be that hard and we would give it a shot. I have logged over 50 hours watching ace of cakes so I thought we could at least try one. We started with baked cakes at 10 in the morning. We didn't finish until 4 in the afternoon so we definitely aren't fast but we had a blast doing it. I have to say we were happy with the end result. It was for her daughter Taylor's birthday and she was thrilled so that made it even more enjoyable. I figure I have until June for Courtney's wedding and by then I will know if it is something we can conquer or not.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sorry, me again.

Okay I promised myself I would write about something besides my missionary but since the football game was so painful last night I could not blog about it sooo here we are again. Marc called after the priesthood session of conference to tell me that the choir was composed of missionaries form the MTC. Of course Jordan jus arrived so he wouldn't have been singing but it opened the heart again to the crazy pain of missing my son. Candice told me today "don't cry he is happy and busy" to which I replied "oh, I am not crying for him it is all about me". Those are words a mother should never utter. I think somewhere in the mother handbook it says that we should think of our children first before ourselves. No wonder math is my favorite subject. I am excited though that as I listen to conference our missionary is also doing that exact same thing. Oh but they probably sing all the songs at the MTC and not use it for snack time. I do love conference and a temple in Italy. Oh that is a beautiful thing for the saints and missionaries in Europe.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No Tears

Okay he is there! There are a couple of neat stories that have already happened to the missionary. His Uncle Michael had told Jordan that he gave away a book on his way to his mission. Jordan took a "blue book" just in case he had the opportunity to share the gospel. After a flight delay and another bout of tears our sweet boy boarded the airplane for his mission. I(Linda) was already panicked as the Kern County Sheriff dept. had brought in a handcuffed and shackled prisoner who was being extradited to Colorado. Mom's have the ability to make everything into a big deal and that is exactly what I did. The prisoner would take over the plane and blah-blah-blah. Marc laughed and told me have faith. So he arrives at the airport for his layover in San Francisco. He will be in the terminal for 2 hours so he sits in the middle of a row and tells himself he will have a gospel conversation with whoever sits next to him. He sits and sits by himself and then notices this man running through the terminal frantically. He is pulling beautiful Louis Vuitton bag (yes my son is a fashion expert) and carrying a polka-dot handbag. Jordan said he knew that this was the man (not voting yes on prop 8)who would soon be sitting next to him. The guy ran to the counter and was told that he had not missed his flight as it had been delayed. He then of course walked over and sat down next to the handsome missionary. Jordan said the whole time they were sitting next to each other he couldn't even open his mouth because he was holding his laughter in at the irony of the situation. Well he decided I will try again on the airplane. He gets on the airplane and is seated next to a middle-aged gentleman. Jordan starts talking to him and the man says he is flying to Salt Lake on business. As they get further into the conversation, the man tells Jordan that he will be meeting his son on Wed. to take him into the MTC. Well- Paul Harvey moment- that was Monday and today when Jordan goes into the MTC and sits down in the chapel there sitting next to him once again is Brother Morrison from the airplane. As missionaries enter the MTC at different times this was a pretty coll experience that they would both be in the same session to enter the MTC. Before Courtney took Jordan in they went out to lunch with G and G Nichols. They went to Toucan which is a Brazilian BBQ joint. It just so happens that missionaries eat free there which is good because he only took his suggested money in cash. The waiter said oh there is another missionary here that is going in today. Later during the lunch this missionary came by and said did you say you are going to Paraguay? Jordan said yes I am and the other missionary is going------------yes, Paraguay. Cool experiences to know of the Lord's tender mercies. Oh and thank you to Pam and Robin for the flowers. That one did bring some tears. I am ready for this journey ahead. Only 729 until our missionary is home. I know the 729 days will bring amazing blessings into the lives of the people Jordan serves and into our families life as well.

Monday, September 29, 2008

To the Fathers (and Mothers)

I know not too many fathers read these blogs, but I am sure you will hear about this or your wife will have you read this. I hope this helps. One of my best friends left today to serve the Lord for two years. It is my son, but he has been one of my greatest friend to. See I was where most of you are right now. I had young sons and watching them play football or baseball and complaining that they don't get to play or the coach is dumb. When it doesn't matter, your sons(and daughters) just want you there. They want to look over and see you there cheering them on. They want to see you after the game and they want you to tell them they are the greatest. It doesn't matter if they were or weren't, they want to hear it from you. Take the time to take them to get an ice cream or dinner, don't take it home, sit there and talk to them. They will never remember the game, but they always, I mean always, remember the food and time with you. Also, do not let a day go by that you do not tell them you love them. Yes, they are boys, but if you can't tell them when their young, you won't be able, like I did today, to put your arms around your friend(son) and say to them "I am proud of you and I love You. Please don't let a day go by, because you have work or a meeting or your tired, because gentlemen, my sons life just passed me by in one long goodbye, as I watched him get on a plane to serve the Lord. Yesterday we were learning to play catch and today he is a man. I know that this might be dumb to you now, but today I need to tell you that it is real. Time will pass you by and you do not want to have any regrets. The video shows how fast he grows and you're gonna miss this. Let me add I cherish my daughters and that is a whole different story, and they taught me all about love and how important it is to have and show emotion. So my boys truly were lucky to have older sisters. And now my plea to the fathers "Your gonna miss this" the time will fly by and nothing, NOTHING is more important than the love of your boys (word and deed). All taught to me by very loving daughters. Tears will come and tears will go, but love will last forever!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It is Official!

The time has arrived and he is the Lord's. Today a very emotional day has come to a exciting end. Jordan was set apart as a missionary today. He has officially turned his life over to the Lord. He is ready to go and will be an incredible missionary. We had some tremendous words of advice from our Stake President and then had a wonderful blessing from him also. Thank you to the many, many people who have helped shape him into the wonderful man that he is. He has been blessed with great priesthood leaders, inspired Bishops and extremely loving and caring Aunts and Uncles. Thanks to those who were able to attend today. Thank you to the primary children he has worked with. You have all taught him LOVE. Also thanks to those who will watch him on Tuesday and Wednesday. We are very, very proud of Jordan and can't wait to here about his wonderful experiences.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Project Night

Ladies - (or really, anyone who wants to come) Jaime and I are going to start having Monthly Project Nights. The first one will be Tuesday October 7th at Jaime's house. Her address is 11511 Valletta. The cute tile is only $5 and the wooden stackers are$10. We will be taking suggestions for our November and December offerings. It should be a fun night out! Post a comment to let us know you would like to come. We plan on starting around 6:30 but if that is too early for you we will accept latecomers.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

She is Amazing!

Well, my wife wouldn't put this on for her, but I was impressed, so I will post it. She and I love the show "Ace of Cakes". She wants to take a cake designing class and be able to make and sell cakes. Courtney wants her to make her wedding cake. So our granddaughter who loves Scooby Doo, was having a birthday and my wife decided to attempt her first cake. I thought it was cute, everyone thought it was cute. But her biggest fault is wanting to be perfect in all things(OK not such a bad thing) . She thought of all the things she could of done different, but of course we all do that. The hardest thing for her was the reaction of our granddaughter, She loved it, she was dancing all around saying"My Mystery Machine", "I love it" Hard to find fault in a cake when it was such a hit. Anyway I thought it was wonderful!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I haven't blogged because everytime I do I start to cry! Last week was fabulous. Marc's brother from Utah was able to come down to be here for Jordan's farewell. It is a blast for my kids to have so many Nichols and Urmston cousins here in town and then cousins from up North also. We went to Greenacres for a softball game which was more than fun! There were some amazing plays and even more comical plays. After playing we came home and Courtney started yelling my name. I thought she had stepped on something or otherwise injured herself. She was shaking when I got up the stairs and held her hand out for me to see her BEAUTIFUL engagement ring. She and Brigham are officially engaged. He is a great young man who adores her.

Everyone else was out back swimming and cooling off. We scarfed down 10 pizzas and then kept swimming. When the sun finally went down, it was time to practice Uncle Peter's song. For the next hour and a half I kept walking in and out of the room trying to control my emotions. The spirit was so beautiful and I was overwhelmed with all that was happening.

I am selfish. I adore my boy and will miss him like crazy. He has been an angel since he was born. He is kind, considerate, thrifty, brave blah blah blah. I know I gush but he truly is a joy in my life and the only thing worse than having him gone for two years would be having him home when he should be gone. I appreciate everyone who has touched his life for good.

We have one more week with him and get to do a little of his favorite pastime- shopping. He is having a hard time limiting his wardrobe to what is on the list. He currently owns 70 tshirts that he must bequeath 60 of to his brothers. It should be a heart-wrenching week weeding out the wardrobe!

If you see me with baggy eyes, know I had another crying spell and just avoid the crazy woman that I am.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I love living in California?

Seriously- prop. 8? I have to admit I woke up with a headache and a grumpy attitude. I sent my husband and son out to knock doors in the great Del Rio neighborhood of Bakersfield. I still have a grumpy attitude that we "get" to do this rigmarole again. Last time with prop. 22,(however many years ago) I was upbeat and wanted to help this cause. I am still wanting to further this righteous cause but the cynic in me is taking over. I watch too much television and my channel of choice is HGTV where it seems every other show is highlighting same sex couples. These couples have the money and time to decorate and then redecorate their pads with a boatload of money. Just live your life as single gay people and don't make me fight you over the sanctity of marriage. I probably will have to remove this post but seriously we fought this fight and won why can't we just leave it alone and watch you live in fat houses and spend money as singles. Oh and watch you on every other show that is on television. Rants by Linda

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Coming Quickly!

To let everyone know, so we don't overlook anyone. Jordan's talk (farewell) is Sunday September 14th at 1:00pm. Jordan as well as the rest of our family would love for all to attend! Please come and see how our young boy has changed into a fine young man.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Oh I love the Olympics. I just can't watch them until someone calls me into the family room. I am so nervous watching the events, and then I will cry when someone does well ,then I will cry when someone makes a mistake. Because of this I am on the computer just listening and when I hear the screams, hoots, and hollers of the men folk in the other room I run in and then they rewind it for me to watch. I want all the athletes to do everything perfect every time and then for them to all receive a gold medal. It seems like with this attitude I should be a democrat and want everyone to have everything. Seriously though these athletes have trained and dedicated themselves to their sports and deserve to all have a medal! I also cried watching the lone alternate from the men's gymnastic team in the stand sobbing while his teammates won the bronze. I have logged way to many tv hours but my laundry baskets are all empty as television and laundry are a do-together activity in my book. Oh and I have a headache from crying while they play our national anthem. I truly love being an AMERICAN!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Top Ten Things I (Marc)Loved Doing In Hawaii

10. Enjoying the beautiful scenery
9. Looking at the crazy/awesome Banyan trees
8. South Pointe jumping off the cliffs
7. Going to the " End of the World" and jumping off the cliffs
6. Walking though a lava tunnel
5. Jumping off the rickety old wooden bridge
4. Fish and chips at Quinn's
3. Scuba diving through lava caves
2. Shaved Ice at Scandinavian Shave Ice
1. Growing closer to my wife without any kid interruptions

Today is my mom's B-day

What a terrific day it is when it is your mother's birthday. To think of all the wonderful things she has done for you and provided for you, it gives you an opportunity to think, how lucky you are to have such a wondeful mother. So on this day I give thanks to a mother who has and continues to give me wonderful things to think about and great things to look forward to. So here is to my Mom, Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This day was filled with a tremendous amount of driving. We first drove drove north to pick up tanks to scuba dive and drove to a place Puako, for our first dive, it was very nice. We then went back and refilled our tanks and drove to a place called "Point of Refuge". It is where commoners who did something against the King's rules would have to run to, swim to and then jump the fence to be safe, all before the kings men caught you and killed you. The dive was very cool. We then drove 60 miles to South Point, the southern most point of the United States. The cliffs were amazing, the water as blue as anyone could imagine. The wind was blowing about 35-40 miles an hour. We went to see the site, well the girls did, Michael and I went to find more cliffs to jump off of. The pictures don't show how high it really was. We then went out to the southern most point and it was unbelievable. We were ready to build our house and never come home *We would miss you a little bit*. We then drove back to Kona for dinner at Quinn's, a seafood dive. We all ordered fish and chips and it was awesome, I'm not a big fish person, but it was great, it was made out of ono. Great fish!. Then to Walmart for more food for the condo and for rootbeer floats. Started at 7 am got home at 8:30 pm. We love Hawaii or we love to be away together, I Love You Linda! We do miss our kids!


Monday, July 28, 2008

It all started with a KISS

Well, it is day four and that is when I start missing my kids.  I know they are fine without me but I like to think they can't survive unless I am home.  Jordan even made it to Albertsons and used the coupon right, bought the Peanut butter for my buy price and saved $100.00.  I am truly obsessed with my shopping bargains.  We are having a wonderful time and I am so amazed at the beauty of this island.  I do wonder why all the different vegetation is where it is.  Heavenly Father's master plan never ceases to amaze and humble me.  I went snorkeling and it was spectacular.  I felt like I was part of Planet Earth.  Yesterday we drove around the top of the island and stopped in Hilo for Tropical Dreams which had been reccommended for "great ice cream"  they had closed so we tried Wilson's by the Bay.  It was delicious. I love ice cream and cold treats.  I think the 45 year wait to visit Hawaii was worth the wait but I now have to figure out how to come again.  It is beautiful but nothing beats a week at Leo Carrillo with my kids.  We drove down Banynan Drive and actually saw a Banyan tree planted by Mr. Leo Carrillo in 1933.  They were the coolest trees and humongous.  They looked like they were ready to pull up their roots and walk somewhere. The top picture is Marc jumping off a wooden bridge.  I was a little nervous but once a boy always a boy.  Alohaaa

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I want to just sneak under the radar so no one  notices how good my life is right now.  First of all Young Woman's Camp was just amazing.  A week of appreciating the beauty not only of nature but of the amazing group of people at Big Meadow.  I loved sharing the week with so many girls but also the leaders who have dedicated their lives to building the kingdom.  I estimate that with 60 adults attending (not factoring the weeks of work before hand) that the salary for the staff at camp is -priceless!  No mastercard commercial could do justice to all the things that were purchased and then lovingly made to hopefully produce a memory in a girl's heart that will then put a deposit in her testimony bank.  I can't even begin to name all the people who brought tears to my eyes as I watched them serve.  I only hope that I can continue to serve my Heavenly Father and share what I have been given.  I had the greatest youth to work with,  Nichole Henderson, Macy Schafer, Emma Luthi, Marissa Wagner, and Whitney Barry.  The organization of the church will go forward in the capable hand s of the Lord's youth.  I loved being at camp with my Marc.  He worked at week at keeping me focused.  I love, love , love him.
Second our cute grandson is sweet,sweet,sweet.  He is a calm baby and that is such a blessing to have that personality in a family.  I pray he can bring so many more blessings into Nicole's home.
And third, I am in Hawaii-nope needs no explanation.

Monday, July 21, 2008

And he now has a name. It is Daniel Skeet Tristan Panero.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

He is Here

Jacob and Nicole's baby finally arrived and of course he is beautiful. Mother Nicole and baby boy (no name yet) are doing fine.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Boy's Camp and Another Hike

Just got back from a wonderful Young Men's Camp. I had the opportuntiy to spend the whole week with Logan. Mason spent the week out and about on a 25 mile hike. Logan and I had a busy, busy week which included swim check in 60 degree water,rock climbing, archery, bike riding(or bike-carrying, because it was so tough),Waterdogs(jumping in the lake at 6 am), building and racing a raft, fishing, frisbee golf(Mason low score), fire building, hatchet throw, caber toss(Logan longest throw) and then the mile swim at 5 am, in fact Logan and I did it twice, another that afternoon. Food was great and firesides were tremendous. The highlight of the week was our hike, it was a 12 mile hike for us. It was a 3200 foot elevation rise in 5 miles, with 3 false tops. (Meaning 3 times you got to the top of a mountain and you thought it was the top only to find out you needed to go higher) Our group traveled the 12 miles in 5 hours, pretty quick. Would have been faster if not for me! Tough getting old! I really enjoy Young Men's Camp, especially since I get to spend it with my own terrific sons.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another birthday

I was hoping to post picture from when she was a baby and don't know how to do it so here is the Happy b-day tribute to Candice ten days late. As a mom my birthday honorees usually have to wait for the celebration. Oh someday I will be perfect and then no one will know who I am. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUT I want to wish this girl a belated birthday! She has been a wonderful and fun daughter for all the days of her life. She is beautiful and brilliant as well as kind and funny. For all you parents of babies out there, be patient with your little ones. Candice was such an easy baby that she just lived her infant life a little too laid back. She didn't walk until she was 15 months old and I would pray every night that she would be "normal". I was so worried that she had some developmental problem. She loved to just sit on her adorable bottom with her pointer finger propped in her mouth and watch the world go by. I thought she was just sitting but she really was taking it all into her little brain and storing it so she could become the amazing girl she is today.
I know that being single isn't her dream but we enjoy that she still has the time to come over and hang out. She is a great sister to all her siblings and they love to have her as their friend. She loves her job teaching and truly wants her students to succeed. I love talking to her about her lessons in young womens. Watching your child serve in the gospel is a joy that I feel blessed to experience. I know that she gets her love of teaching form her dad and it is a trait I admire in both of them. She is off to Europe with a group of students for 10 days and I hope she has a wonderful time as their chaperone and gets her fill of gelato. We love our daughter and are happy to have her for all eternity


What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Mt. Whitney

Mt. Whitney
Two Men Conquer the Mountain

The Family

The Family
Sun-kissed and oh so happy at Leo Carillo! Our Easter tradition for 20 years and we couldn't be in a better place. Life is all about family and I feel so blessed to have the children and husband that I have.

Jordan at Bass Lake

Jordan at Bass Lake
He thinks he's pretty awesome...

Dad and his other boys

Dad and his other boys
Coach Urmston pumping up the boys before they break two Area records.

Nicole and Courtney

Nicole and Courtney
Happy Birthday to Harry Potter! Candice threw a great bash for Harry's birthday - We should llive at Hogwarts.


Logan and Buddha are hardcore.

Mommy and Talia

Mommy and Talia
Wake up, Mommy. Yee-haw, yee-haw!

Talia and Candice

Talia and Candice


Bo Derek building sandcastles.

Marky Marc

Marky Marc
On his way to China.


Doesn't get any better than this!