Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sweet Sixteen in Every Way

My little boy Logan is now sixteen. I know he is not little but for his entire life he and Mason were the little boys. It stuck and I need it now for psychological reasons, so just humor me. I am amazed at how fast his life has flown by. He has truly brought joy into my life for all sixteen years. He has a smile for everyone he meets and tries to keep peace. I have tried to make him dance at Stake dances and he has put his foot down so that is a battle I have given up. He love his sports and we are very impressed with how hard he works to succeed at whatever athletic event he is currently involved in. He is a great brother to Mason and he will sit and watch Melanie's favorite shows with her. I know that the friendships he has with his brothers and sisters will last forever. His favorite people are Talia and Tristan and he plays with them and never tires of it. He has always loved kids and still does as he plays with his cousins no matter their age and loves to be the ring leader. I feel grateful to have him as my son and look forward to the next two years of high school, then his mission, and then college. It will be a great ride.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I miss Box Elder canyon. I love living in California BUT I could love moving to Utah and seeing the splendor of what it has to offer.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Once a Patriot always a Champion

I have to admit it. I was dreading the BHS vs.Liberty football game. I want to die watching my boys play football. I worry they will get hurt, I worry they will hurt someone else, I worry they will miss their tackle, etc. etc.. Pretty much the worry cycle of a mom. Well I left after Logan's game to take Melanie to a birthay party and the just tried to waste time before the Varsity game because I was just too nervous to go face the game. I waited in line for Logan's dinner for 20 minutes at Jack in the Box and finally got to the game 15 minutes late. At Jack in the Box I could hear the screams of the crowd but wasn't sure shich way it would be going. Well imagine my surprise when I arrived and we were in the lead 7 to 10. Yipee, skipee for us! The game was amazing and I was nervous the whole time. We were leading by 10 points with 4 minutes left and people were leaving. HELLO did you not know BHS came back last week to beat Stockdale? It ain't over until .... Well when the game ended this fat lady SANG! I had a smile on my face the whole night- so happy for my two boys and the great games they both played.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday's update on the Missionary

hey so im writing again im just doing it slower then the dickens. (mom why did you always say that and what does it mean) so im writing from a computer out here in acahay and im pretty sure this was one of the first editions from 1984 it was sweet back then but come on can i get SOMETHING to open up with in my tour time limit. Well i hope everythings going great back home. We are doing great out here. My comps learning fast hes understanding a lot better he is still a little bit timid about talking so he stops a lot in lessons to ask me if he said that right. its kinda funny. but im thinking by the end of this change he will able to teach all the lessons without my help, well thats the goal. He keeps me laughing all day cause he just gets so excited about everything, even if its something small like some someone saying that theyll come to church during a contact. Most people just say that they will come to get us to stop talking but he just has so much faith that they are going to be there on sunday. Which i guess is good cause in Ether it says we cant receive any miracles unless we have faith. So hes really been helping me have more faith in these people.
we are still pretty house empty we have beds and a closet and a fridge, but no silverware or bowls or plates or any cooking item. so for the past 6 days we have had sandwiches, oranges, cookies and cereal from the bottom of a cut out water bottle and the top of a can of chocolate used as a spoon and thats about it. so im pretty stooked for the new kitchen were getting next week.

Miracle wise we were expected heavy rain this Sunday and we had blue skys!!! huge blessing and now everything is set up for Conferencia General. We have a baptism of 13 planned as a District if everything goes well. Which it will cause our district is amazingly obedient and all guapos (means hardworkings in paraguay, cause we actually got some pretty ugly looking dudes out here. i think thats why they sent them our here in the sticks) Im really excited for our Family, Familia Domínguez, they are all super pumped for there baptism, they all read and pray and even have question about what they read sic you love as a missionary casue you know that they are actually studying. The Dad is going to be the make or break for this week. They arent married yet and hes not 100 percent sure if hes ready for it. but we taught him the law of Castidad and he felt kinda bad i think he knows he needs to do it he`s scared. so pray for him a lot please (fermin). Paraguari the area that i was in last week is also having a baptism of 5 so thats way exciting. This week is going to be great we are going to need a loto f fasting a pray but i think it will go great.

This is the Lords work and there is no greater work sobre la faz de la tierra.

Love you all spell check forgive me please
Dont forget to pray

hey mom got back on to print off the email from president callan. just to let you know i have pdays every monday and once every two months i have it on wednesday for changes so ill let you know when i have wednesday pday. also i will be getting on early now in the day casue we dont meet together anymore cause its just to far to travel out here. so it would be better to write me sudays. also we arent moving again we just havent received our kitchen stuff so that will be here tomorrow. i feel like a little kid at christmas.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Words of wisdom passed along to my posterity

Here us a picture of the luxiourios Hotel del Paraguay. Bug netting is included in the price of the room.
Jordan started his letter with a quote he remembered from his mother. Ohhh, I hope there are other things he can recall besides the random thoughts that came out of my mouth and into the ears of my children.

The term "the dickens" means "to the point of ridiculousness"

Therefore saying "slow as the dickens" means you are being ridiculously slow

(Writer Charles Dickens was known for the fact that is his books he would often take a minor detail and exaggerate it for sake of comedy)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Missionary Monday on Wednesday ;)

So, I must be following in his footsteps as he is always listing his top five or top three but I have to say this might be one of my top 3 favorite letters. I was laughing out loud as I read his play by play of the bus fiasco and then picturing him and his companion running towards each other on the streets of Paraguay. In my mind it is in slow motion with legs and arms flailing and music is playing in the background as they reunite after the 13 block run. We miss having him in our house with us but we sure feel his love coming to us. It is a great experience and I am grateful for two more sons who have made it their plan to also serve a mission.
Hey family how are you?
Sounds like a lot happened this week and a lot
is going on in life. I love life when its busy it makes it mas fun. Logan with a nasty pick against Clovis stud. Make sure we save a video of that.
Que pucha varsity didn’t hold them off its alright you guys can just regulate in the Valley Championship game. Im just glad you left concussion free. Ha that was so funny slash scary last year. I still laugh thinking about it.
And Melanie’s swimming!!! That’s awesome. I knew she was going to be good at swimming, I remember she used to race the kids during swim practice and always won. When’s you first meet Melanie? How do you like it? It’s probably a little tough right now but give it another week or two and you’ll adjust. Im excited to hear how its going next week from you.
K funny story. Every Monday we take a bus from Paraguari to Ita. Its about 30 to 45 mins. Depending on how full the bus is and what year it was made. Luckily this morning it filled up quick, as in all the seats filled and two people standing up in front of every seat if that’s sense. It was a bus meant for 40 with 102 on it. If that makes it easier to picture. So we didn’t stop for anyone along the way cause it would be impossible to get on. Mom would go cray claustrophobic on these buses. But this morning the bus flew and we got there in like 25, and the whole time my comp and I were talking and didn’t realize that we got there. So we had to push our way to the front and were like jumping on people and stepping on them cause were a good three times bigger then the rest of them. Anyways my comp made it to the front grabbed his backpack and got off with me following but i couldn’t find my backpack! So I started looking for it and the bus took off without my comp!! and me without my backpack panicking a full. So I'm grabbing all the bags trying to find mine. And the sun was in my eyes and I could see anything so I couldn’t tell which one was mine and I wanted to cry cause the bus was just going fast and fast. And people were all looking at me weird cause I was alone and they could tell I was about to have a panic attack so I finally yelled CAN ANYONE SEE A MOCHILLA NEGRA!!!! And some kid handed it to me and I ran to the front got off now a solid 13 blocks from my comp and started sprinted to my comp, I cant remember running that fast in my whole life. After 3 blocks of running I say my comp at a dead sprint as well coming towards me. The only thing he said was WHAT HAPPENED YOU WERE RIGHT BEHIND ME?! I just laughed. It was pretty funny and i don’t think im going to forget that feeling again I was scared straight. Dang now I only have 5 min.
So I went to the temple for the first time in 7 months and felt so good. Like being clean after a baptism again. I also had an Entrevista con el Presidente that was wonderful. He still kinda scares me but I like him a lot. He says hes happy with the way im working and that helped me out a lot. Cause sometimes I just feel so little. Like im working my hardest and there just isn’t enough time or hours in the day to get everything done and we just aren’t having the result we want. I think part of that problem is we have been working in 4 areas trying to do the work of 6 missionaries with just us two. But President said that he sees a lot of potential in our areas especial in Acahay so next week myself and a new missionary are headed out there to live and work all the time focusing on priesthood and Families. I'm really excited Ive been thinking about a lot of things that could help those people out and I think we are going to have a lot of success.
Other note we went to Guasuqua and found a little house to sleep in ill sent pics next week of it. And we found 15 people and got 30 other referencias so we pumped about that next week were going out there again. Ill let you know more about it next week. But we need to go back and clean the pension its gross. Also tomorrow Elder Audikitus is coming and we are having a Mission Conferience im PUMPED. That man knows how to drop the cane. K I love you all.
Your amazing and I cant wait to hear from ya next week. Good luck in the Freedom Bowl. When one of you scores, dedicate a sammy sosa to me.
Ps I Got the Package it was sweet!!! Thank you so much Candice and Nicole. I didn’t even eat that chuchi of candy in the states. And that Tie is beautiful im wearing tomorrow to the conferencia. K I love you all

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Today Marc and I went to a memorial service for Debbie Austin. She was the youngest in a family of 10. We knew her as a bundle of energy willing to offer her opinions as well as her love. As I listened to her family share thoughts and memories of growing up in a large family I was overcome with memories from my own life.
I thought of the time when I was only 4 or 5 and I was feeling left out in a house filled with teenagers. I was sitting under a chair in the dining room of our California house. My big sister Susan came to find me and comforted me while the house was filled with her own friends. She told me she would always be there for me and she was.
I remembered my sixteenth birthday when my sisters Teresa and Shelly planned a surprise birthday party for me at our cabin. My friends were hiding in the playhouse out back. They were both at busy times in their lives but took the time to make a spoiled little sister feel loved and adored. I also remember that my sister Teresa didn't kill me when I wore her beautiful red leather "soft as butter" shoes and ruined them. I don't know where I wore them or what I did but I know that somehow somewhere I did in fact ruin them.
I think of a small arrangement of flowers sent to me by my sister Dayna (Steve's wife) when my friend Melanie died and I thought my heart would burst. They were in law school and I am sure that a floral arrangement was not in the budget but it truly soothed my heart to know that they would know I was hurting.
I remembered driving to deliver treats to football players while my mom came up with clever verses and rhymes, all the while laughing at our clever selves.
I thought of my Aunt Beth and her stories she would tell us during the time she spent living at our house and her famous BINGO games as well as her books filled with stories about nurses.
I really have a horrible memory and can hardly remember anything about my childhood. When we have reunions and everyone reminisces, I wonder "where was I?" since I don't remember most of the things they are talking about. It was nice to have my mind opened and feel the love of my older sisters. I feel grateful to have sisters that I was able to look up to growing up who had the patience to deal with their little sister. I had a wonderful childhood and am grateful to not only be blessed with the family that the Lord sent me to but that I was able to marry into a family that I would choose to spend eternity with. Life is good and I am so grateful that I am able to have my children with me - and my heart aches for my friends the Austins who have wonderful memories of their sweet daughter and would choose to continue making more memories that include her. But that was not part of the plan. Sister Austin is an example of everything wonderful, graceful, and strong that embodies motherhood. She was a hero in my book today as I watched her countenance shine with love for a daughter that left too soon.

Monday, August 31, 2009


hey hows life fam? im so pumped for football this year i better get good updates. you two better wreck some fools. your probably all in school right now. LOCO!!!! Masons a senior, i cant believe it.

k so this week was mas o menos. we had a lot of downs but luckily the ups out numbered the downs. i let you know what the downs were first. the first and mas grande was with Tomas and Maura. they didnt come to church last week and we ewre like alright their not realy to progress so we dropped them. then they called and said that want to come to church and get baptized. so yours truely was dumb and believed them and we took the to Asuncion to get Mauras cedula aka identification. And they were all happy and reading their book of Mormon they had questions and were just golden then i dont know what happen they said they would be there Sunday we tested their faith and let them try and come on their own. Didnt work so we went and looked for them and Maura saw me coming and ran from me. i wanted to cry. the day before she was showing me here marked scriptures and telling me what parts she liked out of 2 nephi 31 and the next day she acted like she didnt know me. And had no interested in going to church. so i told here if you change and want our help and the lords help come to church but were not going to there house anymore. So that was a bummer. The other bummer was everyone in Acahay was mad at the president cause he said they were lame-o´s for not coming to church last week and going to the party. So we got problems to fix and we have to try and do it in Guarani which is like asking an marc Urmston boy to fix a computer. its just not going to happen. so there is my venting now for the Bendiciones!!!!

So yessica aka stud of the year came to church again this week. she even came home from Carapegua where she works a good 30 mins in bus from Acahay to make it. And she had a big-o smile on like always. Anyways my comp went out there on Sunday and gave the sunday school lesson and taught lesson 2 the plan of salvation. and then gave a talk as well and taught lesson 1 the Restoration. it was perfect. so were going out to acahay tomorrow to do the interview of her and Manuel a 9 year old who has been coming to church that we already thought was a member, habia sido, hes not! bendiciones 2 so were going to baptism the two on saturday. In a River!!! im so excited, especially for Yessica shes so ready. i just hope she can get work off.
Other blessing this week in paraguari we had a bunch of poser good investigators but none of them showed up on sunday. i wish i could just MAKE them understand how important this Gospel is for them. But i think someone already tried that plan, and it didnt turn out that Hot for him. (i guess i should say "it didnt turn out so cool for him" ha you know what im saying!) Anyways i was kinda bummed out on sunday cause no one really came to church. but come to find out Gayoso a recent converts, his mother is not baptized and she come to church every week. But we thought there had to be something wrong with her if she has not been baptized yet, like she need to get divored or algo asi. but we asked president and he was all. Oh i forgot to tell you last week she talked to me and wants to get baptized. we were like what!! OK!! so we went to her house and are going again tonight and hopefully she can get baptized this weekend. YIPEE. i love baptisms.

Other good news this week we are going to guasukua, a little pueblo of about 500 that had about 20 members and a couple investigators that need the lessons. so were going thursday on a bus through a dirt path for an hour and a half. the the only problem is that the bus gets there at 10 and then leaves at 11, and there isnt any other buses. So the President gave us two options go for an hour teach a full and run back to the bus. OR go buy hammocks and find two trees load up with mosquito spray and stay the night!!! we picked number two. Im so pumped its going to be crazy. The best part is there is already2 families that have enough assistencias get baptized now! so thats another huge blessing.

So what i need to do is grow up take our trials like a man. Put more faith in the Lord and appriecate the Blessing that come. When life gets hard and i fell like giving up there are two things i like to do one is read Ether 12, which is all about faith and the testimony that comes after the trial of our faith. And the other is to read a quote that Elder Pitcher likes to shared one time that helped me out a lot. im not sure who ts from but it says

True faith is shown when the mountains dont move and the waters dont part.
mom thought(this might be one of my new favorite quotes!)
So just push through your trails and keep that eye of faith and the Lord will bless you ( a good friend ones shared d yc 121 7-9, that one really helps me as well.)

k gotta jet i would send you some pics but some punk kid erased the last four months of my mission yesterday. i want to cry. but next week there will be pics of baptisms!!!

also a small wish list

efy cds
new pants, the dark brown ones form walmart are my favorite. Puritains 34 x 32
for christmas the Iron Gym for pull ups and the full body work out.
mike and ikes
fireballs people down here freakout with those.
and thats it for now

k love you all be happy and good luck with school and the big game this week.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Young Women's Camp 2009

How can one week be so amazing? Our theme this year was "Because I Believe". Each day we tried to have a daily theme that built on the day before. Tuesday it was Strengthen Home and Family, Wednesday was Stand with the Savior, Thursday was Live Temple Worthy, Friday was The Light of the Gospel shines through Me, and Saturday was Be an Example. The food was organized, cooked, and served by ladies who can do it all. The kitchen at camp is one of my favorite places to hang out. They get it all done all while laughing and building up everyone around them. I worked with ladies who this year all roped our husbands into coming and helping out. We truly relied on their support for so much of camp. I am overwhelmed by the number of people who take time off work and family responsibilities to share all their wonderful talents for a week at Big Meadow. We had almost 200 girls in 6 different groups this year and each group had leaders that went above and beyond in every way. Thank you, thank you for all you do. It was another year filled with the spirit, fun and work.
In one of Jordan's letter he commented on how work was fun and I truly will have to agree that doing the Lord's work is fun. I just wanted to post and tell anyone who reads this thanks for whatever part you played in helping to pull together camp this year. I truly feel that the Lord was pleased with the hearts that were touched and the testimonies that were strengthened this year.

Pictures of the Missionary

He said the buses are crammed full with up to 200 people.

Here is a picture with an investigator who makes bricks.

Another great week in Paraguay

(His greeting must be in Guarani, or he was just having fun on the typewriter? We still are amazed at the happy spirit that this boy has and are so grateful for his service to the Lord and especially the fact that the Lord blessed our family by sending him to us!)

Mba`e tekopio familia porá.

Hey family, whats up. So another loco week with amazing milagros and blessing with out end. starting with the 8 investigators that came to church that was awesome. Thats really like the final grade that your teacher would post on the wall fridays bofore the weekend. And if it wasnt high enough that meant that it woud be a crappy weekend or for missionaries, P Day, but having 8 people in church just tickles my fancy (who says that?!?) the only problem is the 3 familias that are suppose to be baptized this week didnt show up meaning they have to come church next week, si o si if they want to get baptized the 31 de julio. the all had decent excuses but i just dont like excuses, i just want the world to come to church.

Sad Moment of the week_ went to go pick up javier to take to church, who is the 20 year old who is supposed to get baptized within 2 weeks, and the man couldnt even stand up cause he was so drunk. he saw me walk up and started crying, he came over and hugged me and i really didnt want to touch him cause i was so mad and dissappointed in him, but his girlfriend who he wanted to married left him the night before and moved to a different city with another man. I felt really bad for him but it jsut made me sick to my stomach that that is his only solution. And it is the only solution for many people when life doesnt go as planned. before the mish i didnt really care if you drank i just didnt want to see it or be around it. but now i have 0 respect for the people that get wasted every weekend and just waste their lifes and ruin their families. seeing Javier like that made me want to cry but it will just make it that much better seeing him get baptized.

k enough with sad stuff. Big Blessing aka the big double B of the week would have to be the Call that we got from an X-missionary slash branch prsident out in Guasuquá. Which is a small pueblo that is in our area. its about an hour away on Bus on a dirt road, and i guess every Sunday they have sacrament meeting out there. well this good man called and said that there are 3 familias that have been coming on and off for the past 2 years and they want to be baptized. so all we need to do is get out there teach a couple lessons and then marry two of them and then baptize all three of them. its going to be great. Im still in awe ( i dont know how to write that but amazed demasiado) how blessed we have been lately as a district.
The four campanionships in the district combined had 37 investigators in chuch which is amazing.

Sometimes it doesnt make since how blessed we are as missionaries. but im not going to complain. i love you all and hope you have a great week. One of the most important things that i have learned to this point in the mission is that all blessings are given through sacrifice and obedience. so be obedient and be greatful for your sacrifices.

I love you all and pray for you always

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Picture Day

Italics are comments from the MADRE
que suerte para ustedes!! i love the beach!!! i hope you have fun and make sure you take a lot of pictures. tell everyone i say hi and i love them all. Brain Blast (I think that means he has an idea)have them write me letters one night. Like we used to have to do at Aunt Daynas and were always punks about it. ha that be sweet if not dont worry.

well another successful week down in Paraguay. thanks everyone for letters they always brighten my day. And make sure someone gives chelsea a fat hug for me cause she sent me two. i also got a killer B'day package and it reminded me that i miss skittles. they are the bomba. but even more importantly we were able to maintain those numbers that we had from last week. Which i was way pumped about, we missed one day of contacts which is kinda sad but ill get over it. k over it. Best part of the week was the two baptisms that we had on Sunday. they both passed their interviews with flying colors and were both super excited for Sunday. Everything with Diego went perfect except he was a little upset we didn't have white socks or a tie for him. but i gave him my socks and he was ok. he was smiling the whole time and was so nice to everyone there. Its amazing to see the change in these peoples lives as they start to accept and understand the Gospel. Now the day with jessica didnt go as smoothly as planned. for the past two weeks she has been waiting for her dad to get back from Argentina to ask for his permission to get Baptized, but he never come home so he wasnt really sure what she wanted to do. She had full support from her mom and other faimly members, but she was still worried about her dad. So she came to church and towards the end she started crying she said she wants to get baptized today (Sunday) but doesnt want her dad to be mad at her. We told her we can call and see what he says, she says no; we said we can do it with out calling him, and she started crying again. well we prayed together with President Armoa and his wife in his office and she said she felt better. we walked her home and she was still way nervous. We asked what we can do to help her and she said Fast and Pray. Which was amazing to me that she had a testimony that that would help her. So we didnt eat lunch that day and prayed like crazy until her Baptism. We got to the chapel at 2 an hour before it started to heat up some water to add to the font (note didnt help it was freezing!!) And the whole time i was there waiting i was so nervous i felt like i was going to throw up. I felt exactly how i felt before every swim meet but like a really big one. Like state times 10. i was hurting. But just kept praying that she would show up, and at 240 she walked in, still not completely emotionally ready but she was there, and that was good enough for me to know that she wanted to get baptized. the first 10 mins she was there she didnt say one word she just walked straight over to the baptismal font leaned her forearms against the railing and just looked at the water, thinking, about what i dont know. but after a few pep talks from my comp, PRez and myself, and then the one that probably help the most, from her mom. She got ready we took pics and she got baptized. and when she came out of the water she had the biggest smile i have ever seen on her. it made it all worth it. After words she was very content with her decision and loving life. Definitely top 5 greatest days of my life. now we just Pray that her dad will be ok with her decision if not it will just give her another trial and another opportunity to use her faith and receive more blessings.
(I had read a blog where the mom said her son had told her serving a mission in Paraguay was like camping in a suit for two years. I'm sure many of you who served missions in foreign countries felt those sentiments at times. I am so grateful when I read his letters at the joy he feels as her serves the Lord. It is humbling and amazing to watch the Lord guide this sweet missionary of ours through this experience.)

MOM QUESTION- do i feel like im camping in a suit for two years

the answer would be... somewhat. like some of times i feel like im camping since everyone cooks with charquel (carbon in spanish i dont know how to spell it in English) and we wash our clothes by hand also the inconsistent shower temperature definitely reminds me of Leo Carrillo, and i do walk a dirt trail all day. But then again we have a very nice restaurant up the street from our house, and some pretty descent size houses on the other side of the town. But now that i think of it you could say that it does feel like im camping. but in a really nice camp ground with maybe a trailer. Not a motor home thats to comfortable, like a fold out trailer. so i guess you could say we are camping "comfortable" for two years but i only wear my suit Sunday for 3 hours so change it to
"camping comfortable in white shirts for two years".
and i can testify for you.

well im out of here love you all

Con todo mi amor,
Elder Camba (means darkness in guarani) me and my comp picked guarani names last week. his is cambú´he´ë it means sweet milk or rubio aka white boy. ha Paraguayians find it hilarious. and so do i

Friday, June 5, 2009

Teacher of the Year

Well, the school year is over and for Miss Urmston, teacher extrodinaire, the accolades were many. Due to the budget cuts in California's educational system - Candice was sent from Liberty to teach at Frontier High School. She adjusted quite well and not only was named as Newcomer of the Year but was awarded the title of Teacher of the Year as well.
It was fun listening to her tell about her students and all the things she was able to teach them. She jumped in full force and worked as a class advisor creating floats, listening to students, counseling students, and fashioned an Alice in Wonderland prom.
Teaching is a noble profession that gives great rewards back to those who dedicate their best efforts to the calling I am grateful that not only does she teach but that she has a passion for it. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good work Miss Urmston

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bleeding Purple

para: la mejor familia en todo el mundo what up fam. thats for all the bomb letters and emails this past week. i felt so loved i should have a birthday everyweek. but i would like to give some shout outs out. (esto anda?) thanks Courtney for the life update keep working hard and loving life. big Paraguay shout out to Melaie thanks for the email im excited summer has come so you can have more time to write me. and Yes High School musical has taken over down here as well. i dont understand the songs are in english but they still love it. come to think of it probably makes it better if you cant understand those ridiculous lyrics. thanks mason for being so cool keep the body growth updates coming so i can know what to expect when i get home. Y para que sepas, soy gordo como Re gordo, me hace triste.
thank you Nicole for the play by play weekend. i ended up reading half of it out loud to my district casue i would laugh and they would ask me to read the funny parts and that was basically the whole thing. thanks dad for the update on life and my main boys down in L-A (rolling on dubs). and blake i would write you back defending my boys but i cant email you sorry but just know i will always bleed purple. And im expecting emails from Logan and Mason on the missionary experience this past weekend. A big shout out to the coolest Grandparents in the world (Pues definitely Top 2). for the killer package. i love the tie it has become my new District metting tie. which you both probably know is very important. the sticker is awesome and the pens are my favorites. once you go Bic you can never switch. Just know im sending a letter home this week so my family will have it when you get back. Ikatu. Also a delayed shout out to the Peter Urmston family for the dropped line. good to hear from ya`all. (ps i say weird things now i blame it on my comp and Idaho) Also thank you Jennifer Heward, my cousin in law i guess if that exsist. for the missionary story and FOTO. i love FOTOS if anyone ever was thinking of things that wanted to good in this world one (insert from Mom- this didn't make sense to me either- I think his Enlish is in the tank)would be to send FOTOS to elder Urmston. I can receive them through email so do it. (por favor) Bueno hope i got everyone if not... pues lo siento. so this week was amazing, in a lot of ways. Primeramente it was amazingly cold we were down in the low 50s this week with about a grip of rain. it was bad as in mal. but it was alright, a wise man once told me every hour a missionary sents tracting in the rain his future wife spents an hour in the gym. i dont know who she is yet, but shes probably got some sore legs right now.
My Branch was way nice this past week they even threw me a party. it was actually a group party with one of our investigators. Beatriz. it was way fun my comp and i played slash sang 1000 miles and then we both played heat and soul and they loved it. i have it on video it is quit funny. the best part of the party was our investigator brought 5 friend and she was telling them all about the church and even told them about baptism and showed them the baptismal font. and then later on we taught the entire 1st lesson with them. it was great. were going by this week to visit their families. then this past wednesday aka my B-day, we had our final conference with President and Hermana Bradley they head out at the end of the month. Our zone went to their house and ate with them and played games and watched a video of the mission. we had bbqed pinapple chicken and i almost died it was so good. but before i eat i got to use their bathroom and did not want to leave casue it was so nice. they had hot water and scented hand soaps and this really chuchi towel to dry your hand off with. i miss american luxyers (sp -ite). after that we all got to bear our testimonies. it was amazing! of course i was bawling like always. but i love feeling the spirit so ill take it in any form. after we got to go eat at Burger King. YES!!! and then took the 4 hour bus ride back home. next day all the missionaries were in San Ignacio waiting for Colectivos so we went on divisions and Elder Laughter aka the coolest kid in the mission and i found this joven, Nester waiting for his bus we talked to him for a little bit and said he would love coming by church on Sunday but he lives kinda far away. Pero sabe que pasò eyer. Nester came to church and he is even more of a stud then i thought before. were going by his house tomorrow to talk to the whole fam. Diego also came to church and so did Jessica and she brought her friend Anna. then in the afternoon they all come to Seminary. (menos Nester porque vive lejos) But they were loving life and particapating and what not. i was loving it. My comp and i put a goal of 5 baptisms this month so your prayers would definitely help us with that goal. i love you all and if you have any questions about anything... pregunteme. k well gotta blast, lifes great and only getting better. try to stay happy in that heat. ¡¡¡¡Mammones!!! missionaries were in (inserted note from mom- it just ended here no idea what was next but we sure love getting these crazy letters from our Spanish son!)

Monday, May 18, 2009

No habla english?

Okay it will take some open minds to get everything he is trying to say. When he called on Mother's Day his accent was pretty evident. He writes his letters so fast his Spanish brain is overtaking his English. Amazing in only 7 months.
> hey family hows life. so i dont forget, just wanted to get my shout out to nicole and also talia and tristan for posing for all those shots. but really thanks nicole for the package. it felt like Christmas opening that up. And thanks Talia for that beautiful picture of those dolphins and crabs and me. Loved It!! im also trying to save those rolos as long as possible hoping to eat them on my birthday as celebration, but pretty sure ill eat them all tonight. ps almost peed my pants at that hallmark card.
> Dang thats so sad slash exciting that swimmings already over. 5th place cant complain about that. how'd mason end up doing. either way your a stud mason. Logan i guess your pretty cool too. except you scarced the poop out of me when i heard your voice on the phone. You taking pills or something bro? whats going on? i still havent seen a picture of you seen i left. i saw mason and his Zach Efron hair in those powder puff shots but still havent seen any of you. Send me 1 on the internet. thanks dad for the Laker update and words of wisdom. both helped out a lot. 2nd one a lot more but both appreciated.
> Sabe qué? this past week i had a crazy dream and you (dad) were down here in Paraguay and we went on splits. and we went and visited a couple investigators and the waitress at Rokitos (best resaurant in san ignacio) and you were tearing it up in Spanish with the waitress who we have been trying to put a lesson with for a while now. listened to every word you said and accepted a baptismal invitation. it was crazy. One cause i had a dream in Spanish and two cause you were the one speaking in it. it was cool maybe you should practice it this next year and algo and you can come pick me up and we can go out and teach. that be killer. think about it let me know. also happy late birthday sorry i forgot to tell you last week but whatever. happy Birthday and Felizitaciones for another bomb swim season.
> other news its freezing cold down here and ive shivered myself to sleep for the past three nights. you probably dont have much pity for me since your toasting like bacon cheese up there with your triple digits. i dont think i would trade you. its actually not that bad its about 60 most of the day and it gets a little lower at night. the problem is we have no source of heat at night menos my blanket which isnt meant for warmth, mainly just for keeping the bugs off you. But my comp lent me his thermals (i think thats how you spell it i cant spell in english anymore perdoneme)
> other big news Diego came to church again, that makes three in a row for him technequily he can be baptized this week. spiritually he need another 2 or 3 weeks. But i have a lot of faith that he will get baptized this june. (his fecha is the 13 of june but he said if he feels like its right hell be baptized before. But your prayers would definitely help him with that decision. if i havent told you about him antes he is the older brother of Rafa, who has 16 years and comes with us to teach a lot. he also blessed the sacrement for the First time this week which was way awesome cause he had been scared to do it before. i was way proud of him. He says he wants to serve a mission and love to speak english with us the problem is he doesnt know how and he usually says the same 5 phrases that he knows over and over again everyday. But hes loving the English classes that we teach on Wednesdays at Noche de Rama.
> Beatriz (bea) also came to church this past week. it was her first time ever at sacrement. he had been to a noche de Rama before and a Baptism as well but she said she loved it and well be visiting her tomorrow night so hopefully we can make some progress with her. the main problem we have with her is her dad is Re Catholico and doesnt really want her getting baptized. but her step-mother loves the church and loves having us over. We havent been able to sit down with either one of them becasue they own the biggest supermarket in the town. and are always working. Which also means theyre way chuchi and are loaded. and there house is absolutelly amazing. it reminds me of America with hardword and that white stuff that goes along the top part of the wall that dad put in our house, what is that called again? anyways they have that as well. so well be working with them this week as well.
> this past Sunday we also found this really bomb family that all accepted baptismal invitiones with gran animo. it was sweet. the only problem is they live a good 40 min walk from the church so its going to be a sacrifice for them to get to church on Sunday. significa mas bendiciones pero tambien significa tienen que demostrar su fé y asistir a la iglesia. im excited to see what happens with them this week. pray for them as well please, se llama Familia Encina.
> K funny story from this week. we went out to Tañarandy to visit this familia menos activa and we played a game of futból before the lesson. game got a little intense and their oldest girl who is about 15 was playing goalie and she blocked one of my shots (i got fouled ha) anyways she went to kick the ball down field and me, making an amatuer mistake stood in front of her to block it. she didnt care and Ronaldinho power punted the ball directly into my factory. causing me to go directly to the ground calling for tiempo and medico. couldnt get up for a good 10 mins. and the 40 min walk home did not feel good. beside that episode it was a solid week. i love you all and cant wait to hear from ya next week. i love being a missionary

Saturday, May 2, 2009

2 Weeks and Counting

I am so excited for Marc's swim team. It has been a long year and they have worked really hard. He lost his other "Coach Urmston" to Frontier and she has been missed! Here is the write-up from the newspaper this morning. (Two weeks of swimming to go and his Honey-Do list is going to be quite a task.)

As his flip-flop floated to the top of the McMurtey Aquatic Center pool just above him, fifth-year Liberty swimming coach Marc Urmston's celebratory dive must have had a familiar feel to it.

And, it had little to do with being soaked. That was already taken care of, thanks to a downpour.

With the Patriots' fifth Southeast Yosemite League boys title and a fourth girls championship -- shared with Garces -- Urmston has had plenty of experience being pushed into the pool.

"It's warmer in here," Urmston joked after being tossed into the pool after his girls team outdistanced Garces 343-318, and the boys nipped the Rams 386-384.5.

"On the boys side we were probably the favorite, but we had a couple of DQs that hurt. It came down to that last relay on the boys side with the winner taking the league title."

Bakersfield High, which received strong performances by Erica Becker and Chris Reddick, finished third in both boys and girls.

The difference was 1.44 seconds as Liberty's Michael Rowe finished off a 3:26.52 run in the 400-yard freestyle relay. David James, Jacob Reed and Ted Richardson set the table fpr Rowe's final leg where he narrowly held off a challenge by Garces' Paul Steele.

Rowe also won the 50 free (22.95) and swam the third leg on the winning 200 free relay (1:32.96).

In the girls action, Liberty earned a share of the title, exacting a little revenge on Garces, which won the dual meet between the two.

Diver Jordan Reed (328.60), Kelly Ayers (100 fly, 1:04.28) and Katie Russell (100 back, 1:07.50) each won individual events for the Patriots and Liberty capped the day with a victory in the 400-yard free relay (3:57.50).

"The last time we didn't have our best swimmer so we knew we had a shot," Urmston said. "We knew we had to win this one to be co-league champions.

"They all stepped up. They all did a great job. They all wanted it. We talked about it all week trying to get this one and they were ready to go."

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mother's Day Already

"This picture is titled
"Mother of Seven"
I know I look happier than this."

I was having a conversation with my friend Sandi while driving home from a ward conference. We were sharing our thoughts on Mother's Day. Mother's Day does not make the top five holiday list. I would just as soon skip it (well now that I have a missionary and he gets to call home on Mother's Day it has moved out of the trash can to maybe my favorite holiday) My husband and kids do a great job of making me feel loved, it is just that as I relect on some 28 years of mothering I find myself lacking. Wishing I had done some things differently and hoping for the patience to make it through the mothering years that still lie ahead (seriously eternity). I had such a list of things I was going to do when I became a mother. I would read to my children, I would teach them tolerance, I would show them happiness, they would all play the piano, we would memorize scriptures in a happy loving way, we would eat homemade healthy dinners. The list is endless and I tried, but I wish I could go back and do more, say more, love more, and most of all laugh more. But I don't know if I would find the energy to do things much differently. Maybe my list should have started with find good drugs =} I was reading though and came across this great quote. I hope someting in it helps you find joy
“Yours is the work of salvation, and therefore you will be magnified, compensated, made more than you are and better than you have ever been as you try to make honest effort, however feeble you may sometimes feel that to be. …Do the best you can through these years, but whatever else you do, cherish that role that is so uniquely yours and for which heaven itself sends angels to watch over you and your little ones….The very fact that you have been given such a responsibility is everlasting evidence of the trust your Father in Heaven has in you…. If you strive to love God, if you try your best to be the best parent you can be, you will have done all that a human being can do and all that God expects you to do….Remember, remember all the days of your motherhood: ‘Ye have not come thus far save it were by the word of Christ with unshaken faith in him, relying wholly upon the merits of him who is mighty to save.’ Rely on Him. Rely on Him heavily. Rely on Him forever. And ‘press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope.’ You are doing God’s work.”Jeffrey R. Holland, “Because She Is a Mother,” Ensign, May 1997
Keep trying your best and know that there truly are angels watching over you, wanting to help you be the parent you want to be. Happy May to all the wonderful mothers and to all the mothers who want to be wonderful!

Monday, April 27, 2009

cho what up?!!?!?! hows life going. ¿Jaryi?! espero que si. so this week was sick. everything just seemed to work out perfect. K thats a lie monday wasnt so hot, tuesday tampoco. but my comp finally figured out what we were doing wrong. so like i told you we have the thirdish biggest area in the mission (size wise) and for the past 2 weeks we have been working in this same barrio (like a neighborhood, but its pretty ghetto so drop the neighbor) mainly cause we have investigadores out there and we were being lazy and not wanting to walk the 25 mins to a different part of the city, and then come back for another appointment. anyways we were walking through the mud and rain down this main road and reached the end and we both just kinda stood there and my comp says, what are we doing. and i said i dont really know. so we walked back to the apartment grabbed the map and ask heavenly father to guide us to were we need to go. we both felt inspired to go to the same area so we jammed. and for the rest of that afternoon we just knocked doors in that area and found two families and 4 other people and had more lessons in one day then we have had in a long time. i felt like that was a turning point for us because we realized that life is a lot better when you working hard and finding people no importa if its pouring rain or your shoes weigh 20 pounds each cause they're full of mud, as long as you have the spirit with you todo tranquilopa. we both talked about it after and decided we want everyday to be like that. Respusta a tu pregunta sy (madre) the city that im in is a lot smaller then cuidad del este. CDE is the 2nd or 3rd biggest city in the misson; San ignacio is probably 2nd or 3rd smallest so it has been quite the change. im pretty acostumbrado to urry thing. also yes mother i can read spanish ive been here for like 5 month homie. (I asked if he read in Spanish meaning over choosing to read in English but I obviously uspet his ego and he thought I meant he couldn't read-what is a mother to do?)i still have to look up words a lot when im reading the BOM probably like 3 or 4 a chapter, but menos ese i can read just about anything pretty easily. my favorite thing to read in spanish would be preach my Gospel cause #1 its bombski and #2 its everything you need to know as a missionary. i wish i would have studied it more at home. anyone thats going on a mission soon should start working on Preach my G. that means you kyle slash Blake slash BRock. SIDENOTE- still havent guessed on brocks call im going with Paraguay and then i can train him. that be sick!!! my comp says Idaho so that he can go visit his family and his mom will hook him up with bomb dinners. ha´upei- ctr rings got´em and love´em gave a couple out to the people that were going to get baptized that i had to leave in CDE. and im giving out 3 more this week to Marcela, Mirta, y Estela. cause we have a baptism this Sunday im so pumped and we just redid the font and put a sweet roof over it. its going to be sweet. ill sent pics next week. Other big news i found out who the new President is going to be when Presidente Bradley leaves in June. his name in Mark Calin from Utah, i want to say Salt Lake dont quote me. Anyways you should look him up on Facebook or something im sure his got one. If not try Blogspot i heard all the cool cats got´em now. haha jk. But its going to be pretty exciting having a new president. IM going to miss President Bradley. the mans amazing. i have so much respect for him. Our relationship is a little weird cause i feel like he is a superstar or an Apostle and sometimes am scared to talk to him, but then other times i feel like he is one of my bestfriends and i can talk to him about anything. i think part of that is because were pratically related. thats to the marriage of Aunt Jamie to Uncle Michael and a Reber marrying someone in his family and i think another marriage was needed to complete that connection but were related and he figured it out some how. so thanks Uncle michael and Aunt Jaime for getting married. and being so cool all the time too. More news not so new but its news- the new Spanish bible is coming out in September its going to make life so much easier with the JS translations and all those Foot notes. IM pumped that also means i get to mark all my scripts up again. which is one of my favorite things to do so... sweet. oh also something cool that happened today was we played a fat game of soccer in Club San Ignacio, it wsa me and my comp with three jovenes vs 5 well practiced paraguayians. we played for like 2 and half hours. and i had 4 of our 7 goals. one of which was a sick header from range. And To be completed it took a killer head pass from my comp and a nasty leap on my part over the goalie to catch the back of the net. Wish i would have got that on tape. Also at the Club they had espn on and the ncaa Swimming Campionships were on and i got to see the mens 200 medley and all most peed my pants i was so excited. anyways it made me realize that i want to swim again when i get back so i guess i should start working out more. Sounds like swimming going great Dad hope you guess finish with another League Championship or maybe even Valley? huh Ikatu. Good luck tell everyone i said hi. If there is anyone else left i know. i forget sometimes that im getting kinda old now. almost 20! nde´da Sori!! well gotta blast but thanks again for all your love and support. i havent heard from my brothers in a while or melanie or Courtney. whats going on us step your game up. write me a letter on DearElder so i can read it in the pention. i also wrote a letter to Grandma and Grandpa Nichols but dont have their adress sent that next week please. and im sending Grandma and Grandpa Urmstons this week hope it gets there before they leave. thats so crazy i cant believe they are going home next change. LOCO! k love you all cant wait to talk to you in two weeks ill sent you the number next monday and you can tell me what time you would like to call on sunday may 10. dont forget to put the time change in factor. k im out love you and miss you like Shaq misses free throws. And thats a lot. hey dad give me a laker update please. love ya chau.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I need a break from weekends.

I cannot stay awake. I know moms are supposed to be waiting up when their offspring arrives home and I can't make it past 11. Last week was Mason's prom and he got home late -How late? Well, first when I asked him he said around 1:30, then later that night when the missionaries asked him he fessed up and admitted it as 2 because he couldn't lie to the missionaries. Ouch, he can lie to his mom but not the missionaries. He had a good time and went with a group of about 20 friends. He got his smashing suit at our favorite thrift store in Ventura. It was a vest and slacks that had some sweet topstitching. Lucky for us it is polyester so I just threw it in the washer when he got home and left the sweat saturated suit (alliteration or what?) on his bedroom floor.
So that was last weekend and this weekend is Frontier's prom. Candice was in charge and so she enlisted a bit of help from the family. She has been working like crazy for the past few weeks. I told her I would make a cake and so Friday I was up until 11 working on the cake with her, then Marc and Mason had to catch the bus to Clovis for a swim meet the following morning at 5a.m. and I couldn't go back to sleep. Later Nicole and I went down to help Candice decorate. When Marc got home at 6:30 that night, he was a little tired but I convinced him it would be supportive to drop by the Prom and see Candice. The decorations were amazing and then we entered closer to the den of iniquity. CRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRap, I could not even believe it. I know I am an old lady but I am not a "hell and brimstone preacher" but even then it was beyond what I had imagined When they tell you it is sex on the dance floor at proms it pretty much is. I don't know if everyone was dancing inappropriately but I couldn't take my eyes off of two couples. I am grateful that I grew up in the footloose era. I hate to tell the teenagers of today but they are missing out on a whole lotta fun. I am now jumping off my soapbox.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mason for Boy's Commissioner of Athletics

This would be Mason's piture for his campaign poster. He is running for Commissioner of Athletics and is trying to put forth his all-around athletic self. Candice (as his campaign manager) designed this outfit and for some reason he agreed to dress up and let us take his picture. He was a little apprehensive when we said we needed to go out front for better lighting but he did it. Elections are today so hopefully his gamble pays off. I just wanted to document this moment and I hope he does win because he would do a great job and he loves being involved in ASB.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The many faces of Elder Urmston

Que pasa Familia?

So remember how i told you i had that killer new comp from Panama, elder Lizondro, yeah well i dont anymore. He left and i got a new comp, and he is from America!!! Loco no? its so weird speaking english all the time, i kinda like but i hope it doesnt screw up my progression with the language. he does know a lot of Guarani so hopefully i can learn a little from him. he has a year and 2 months in the mission he is from Idaho, his name is Elder Rowley and hes gotta be the goofiest kid i have ever met in my life. Sometimes when im walking with him i feel like dumb and dumber, cause hes just such a funny kid and makes me do stupid things too. Like this morning we played a fatty game of soccer in the pension using the chairs as goals it started getting kinda rough so we took it out front and played for like 45 mins as random people walked to see 2 goofy looking americans trying to play soccer. ha. but he is also one of the best teachers i know and when we are in lessons i feel like im getting more out of it then the investigators. we were having some problems with algunos de nuestros investigadores but im pretty sure with his help it will all work out and we will get them in that water.
> so this week was easter. the way that they celabrate it down here is just a LITTLE bit different then the states. you know how in the states there are those people that go to church like 2 or 3 times a year for holidays such as christmas and easter. well instead of more people going to church everyone just stays home and gets wasted. Que lastima. we had 14 members show up this last week which was quite the disappointment from the 50 that came with us to Conference the week before. but what can you do. we formed a army this past week with the faithfuls and we are going to visit all the inactives this saturday, hopefully we can get more people at church. we also have a new reinforcement that showed up last week. his name is Carlos and he just finished his mission in Argentina and is going to help out a lot. im thinking my calling as 1st consejero will be taking away some by him, which would be tranquilopa conmigo cause it would be a lot easier to just be a missionary. dont get me wrong its fun being a consejero but it takes up a grip of time. Ill let you know what happens.
> thanks dad for the sports update theres isnt anymore tuesday morning sports meeting but i still appreciate then. the other night elder olsen, a die hard laker fan, also the secretory of the mission, had to talk to my comp about something but not until after he asked for a full season report on the lakers. ha. also talk of another package being sent is in the air. that makes me happy. a few things that i have thought of #1 the skippys creamy is a must if you want to throw 2 in there i wouldnt hate it, a nice jump-rope, i want to be cool like rocky, (or just not fat). milkyways, if there is another sd card, and i believe there is, at home i would love videos put on it of; swim meets, cool people that want to talk to me, and talia and tristan of course. that would be the best birthday present ever. and i am expecting hand written letters from my brothers and blake and kyle, and everyone. besides that just cool stuff you find around the house or at walmart or where ever.
> but thats about it if you have any questions that you want me to answer question away. lifes good works good, spanish is improving everyday and guarani is going to still be awhile. love you all and all talk to you some. like really talk cause mothers day is coming up soon so im excited. k hasta luego.

ps comp says hi and said youre all beautiful

Note from the Mom if you want to email me a letter to include in his birthday package (His birthday is May 27th) I will print it and include it, or you can send a letter to him on Dearelder.com 9he is in the Paraguay Asuncion Mission, or mail him with the postal service at
Mision Paraguay Asuncion
2881 Del Maestro c/caballero
Bario Herrera
Asuncion Paraguay

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Loved the Appetizer

I just got home from the YW broadcast. It was more than "just what the doctor ordered", it was just what Linda Urmston needed. If you have access to the BYU station watch it! I love General Conference and just trying to suck all the information and spirit in all at the same time. I take notes and then when I read them later I feel such great peace as the same emotions wash over me once again. Get ready for the full course meal next weekend as we get 4 sessions (5 for the men in addition to a fun dinner out with the guys) I love that the gospel grounds me as I tend to get out of control at times. I eat it up twice a year. I am so grateful to our church leaders who live their lives so that they can imapact mine.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Changed City/Changed Companion

oh hey whats up so i got changed. well actually i got special changed. every 6 weeks we have changes and normalmente youre in an area for 3 or 4 changes so i was way pumped working with elder Amaya in Ciudad Del Este 3 just tearing it up putting feachas left and right. and out of no where i got special changed. And i was sitting in Mcdonalds across from Elder Robertson my old zone leader and he is talking with the AP about who has special changes anywhere he asked elder Robertson if he would be able to tell everyone and he said yeah one of them is sitting right in front of me and then i knew i was leaving and i started to cry, k well i really wanted to but i manned up and took it. anyways tuesday i visited most of the members and all of my investigadores, which also took a lot of strength to not cry cause i really wanted to stay for their baptisms which are this saturday and the following. But its not my call it the Lords, and its kinda hard slash stupid to argue with him, So we got on a bus at 1 in the morning to Asuncion (6 hour bus ride) where they told me i was going to San Ignacio which is a 5 hour bus ride in the other direction. So after a quick trip with Elder Najac to the hospital and discovering that he has staff. D-sgusting!!! he and i left San Igancio, So now i have a new zone, new area, and a new comp, elder Lizondro, from Panama. Once again and to look up where the heck my comp lives. thinking about taking a Geagrophy class when i get home cause i dont know where anything is. anyways he has the same time as me in the mission, so were co-comps, and still pretty new which i think is good cause were both not burnt out and were just pumped to be here. We are also the 1st and 2nd counselors in the Branch Presidence, and im still trying to figure out what that means. so far i have noticed that we work a lot with the president and the members which is good cause they get excited about missionary work and we almost always have someone from the branch to acompañarnos in lessons. The branch has less then 5 years so its pretty new. were having a lot of success. we found a family, Familia Ramirez, that just moved in last week and they are way excited about having the gospel in their lifes, and so am i. they want to get baptized so if they can make it to church next week and to Gerneral Conference they will get baptized that following week.Si!!!!! So lifes going great fields white and ready to harvest. and im loving every minute here. im so pumped for kyle, write me more kyle about what mission what mtc your going to cosas asi. when we get back we can speak spanish to each other its going to be sick!!!! write me. k love you all thanks for all your letters and prayers. the church is true and the book is blue. ps trying to write the sisters this week get excited. jaja pss mom found shoes but got changed and didnt but them ill look around here and see what i can do and ill get back to you

Monday, March 16, 2009

MOW (new one for me) Miracle of the Week

Yo what up¿!?
hows life going fam? todo bom? (that would be the extent of my portuguese) well didnt hear any news on masons game. but im guessing loss since there wasnt a blackberry message for me. tranquilo theres always swimming homie. thanks mom for the letters from brad, and thanks grandma and Grandpa for your update. I love hearing how other missionaries are doing its crazy how different our missions are but at the same time exactly the same. We find joy in the same things and get excited over the same experiences and are all working for the same purpose. so this weekend we finished our carnival work. FINALMENTE!!!!!
Its a lot bigger of a deal in Brazil but since we are pretty close to them everyone in Ciudad Del Este makes a big deal about it too. It basically just another reason to drink for them, but now they just dance in the streets and have water fights. the water fights are hilarious, drive by water ballooning and buckets of water being thrown from roof tops definitely bring back a lot of memories. Favorite one i say was these two kids about 8 years old no mas, were on top of this roof and when people would walk by they would just destroy them with water balloons but they were so big it took them both to carry it to the edge, this one girl caught one to the face and i almost peed my pants. Not very missionary like but it was hilarious. wish i had a pic for ya. But the drunk dancing i could have passed on. anyways its over and we should start having a little bit easier time finding people in thier houses instead of in the streets. but enough of that...
lets see.... bueno i got a MOW for yea (miracle of the week) so we have lunch with the Obregons every thursday, and Hma hermana as in sister has like 30 years in this ward so she pretty much knows everyone and hooks it up with golden referencias. (ps if you read this your a committed to giving a reference to the missionaries this week. Do it they will love you and God will bless you) I know I now need to give a reference! Anyways she said that there is a family that lives just around the corner that hasnt been to church in like 7 years but she has never been able to talk to the mom cause she works in Argentina and only comes back one day every other week, if that. So we decided to go anyways and she wasnt there. but her neighbor said she would be home this sunday. so we came back this past sunday and she was there. Yeah!! So we talked for awhile, blah blah blah why havent you been to church. She has work all the time. we told she should go when she is in town. She said i know i think about it every Sunday. She said she wants to start going again with her son as well. Then she said, my son hasnt been baptized i would like you guys to teach him the lessons and take him to church when im not here, she then said that she wanted us to baptize him. oh of course our response was Claro que si.No idea what that means thinking a big fat YES then we put a date taught a lesson made an appointment and hes getting baptized the 7th of Abril. pretty killer right. Sometimes i dont understand why we are so blessed. But i am definitely not complaining. Pretty positive that it is through all of your prayers. well gotta roll. love you all keep reading your scriptures. i want a picture of two boys with your scripture scholar awards at the end of the year or im taking back all my clothes. I will do it!! k love you

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This mom misses her son in Paraguay

week... a lot‏

Yo What UP!!!!!!!! Hows life in mother land. The Heart of South America is just dandy. Worked really hard this week and im really excited about going home when i finish this to take a nap. first of all id like to give my shout outs to my peeps, thanks uncle Michael for the update on the fam, could have guessed that kauner and taumage (wow his name is hard to spell) are tearing up every team in the city. And I don’t think im going to be able to make the bass lake trip this year, but ill run it by the prez and let you know. Thanks Ashlee for the letter let me know when you get your Olympic Trial Invite. Oh I also received my package it was killer. Most of the smart missionaries wait till they get home to open their packages. But I was to excited and opened it in front of everyone, luckily I still managed to save about half my candy so its all good. Dang the wedding looked amazing and so did Courtney. Sorry I missed it sis but I think you understand. I noticed mason is still sportin the mop killer homie. I saw that pic of the whole fam at the beach and kinda miss mine. But I think the mop dome days are done for me. tambien thank you Nicole for the Talia updates hope she doesn’t have any serious ear problems im praying for her. Bueno I think I got everyone credit ill try to get some personal letters out this month if I can find some time. Meanwhile write me more please thanks. So one cool story from this week happened on Sunday, most everything good happens on Sundays. Anyways we had about 15 investigators that we had been visiting for a solid three weeks now half of which have been coming to church. So Sunday morning we went by their house to make sure they were getting ready to go. But it was a little cloudy and like I told you Paraguayans don’t like the rain very much. So no one wanted to go because of the clouds or cause of work or other bogus excuses. So Elder Amaya and I took a lonely walk to church sin investigadores. Which was kinda a bummer cause we worked pretty hard this week and usually when you work hard the Lord blesses you with success. So we got to church sat down in the chapel trying to think of someone else we could go try and get, and about 2 minutes later a man walked in and asked us were the class was we told him where it was without thinking about asking him his name or who he was or anything. When he left my comp asked who that was I said I don’t know he said we should find out and I said ok. So we walk in the hall and he was talking with the 2nd counselor in the bishopric. After talking for a little bit we discovered that about a year ago the missionaries invited him to church. And he said he had been feeling like he needs to change his life so he woke up and felt like he should come to church. So he came!!! ¿Loco no? Anyways were going to teach him tomorrow night and ask if he wants to get baptized. Numero 2 about half way through the sacrament meeting this kid that works with the 1st counselor in the bishopric walked in to the chapel that we invited to come to church last week. We are also going to visit him tomorrow. It’s amazing to me the way the Lord blesses us sometimes. It also strengthened my testimony that if we work hard and do the things that we are supposed to the Lord will bless us, Si o Si. Sometimes in ways that we don’t expect or ways that we didn’t really have in mind. Well gotta roll out but thank you for your letters and your support. I feel your prayers everyday. Keep praying for my Spanish please I still have a lot more to learn. Alright this kid next to me is listening to tupac and its too much of a temptation to listen so for realzies -Im bouncing love you all, good luck tonight mason tear the roof of those D1 punks. Throw an elbow for me. ps last month we had 144 baptisms. goal for this month is 200 which is a lot. my comp and i are doing all we can to help. ill keep you posted. love you all and i love being a missionary. The Church is true and the book is blue.
Okay so yesterday before his letter came I was looking at pictures of Leo Carrillo and getting sooooooo excited to go to the beach and then the tears just came and wouldn't stop as I realized that my cute boy Jordan would not be at the beach throwing the football, scavengering for food, stealing quarters from the van for showers, eating 20 donuts around the campfire, getting shushed by the ranger when we ar still laughing after 10 o'clock curfew, eating all the leftovers in the cooler, skating in the street, playing with every kid on the beach, etc. - don't get me wrong, I love that he is serving the Lord, I love that he is growing as a son of Heavenly Father and I love reading his letters and hearing how great he his doing but DANG a mom can miss her boy so very bad- he is just an all around great guy and I know the saints in Paraguay love him but here at 9306 Southwick we love him more!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Missionary Monday

Italics aded by mom!!!Que en el mundo!!!!! (favorite phrase in the MTC) so much happened this week i dont even know where to start. 1st im glad to hear you finally got your package that bites that the games dont work i hope you figure it out. (Yes, our missionay bought pirate wii games that don't work) todovia i have not received you package but puede ser next week. well biggest news is i got a new comp se llama elder Amaya. For the past two changes he has been Branch President in Encarnacion. He is from El Salvador he has like a 6 months left in his mission and says he wants to tear them up. Gotta be top 5 coolest kids in the world. he reminds me a lot of Mikey Noonchester. (Look at the photo)-no photo was included so just imagine that he looks like Mikey Noonchester But this elder knows how to work so were about to move some serious weight this month. we have 4 investigadores with fechas right now so that’s way exciting. And 3 more that i love teaching and were are going to put fechas with this week. So if everything goes perfect, which it will because yo tengo Fe, we will have 7 baptisms this month. Im psyhed. ill keep you posted. Well this week we also had a meeting with all the missionaries from the mission and it was probably the best meeting i have ever been to in my life. I think the lat 20 meetings he has been to have been the best meetings of his life. Amazing what attitiude has to do with our feelings about meetings.We got to hear from Elder Audukuites (pretty sure there isn’t that many u´s.. whatever) who gave a talk in conference about how his dad read the book of Mormon and it changed his life. i remember that talk being way powerful and he spoke with that same power with us. basically he told us if we are not baptizing then were sinners, and we dont have faith. Ouch… but he did in such a way to modivate everyone, especially me. he did practices and was pretending to be an investigator and had missionaries come up and try and get inside his house. It was hilarious every shut down he used were ones that I have heard before and hear almost everyday. So now every time I hear a- otro dia or maybe next week, it just reminds me of him and I just laugh. but it was way good I also got to give the closing pray and after all my buddies from the MTC were like Elder Urmston your Spanish you know how to speak spanish. Which was a good confidence booster cause I still think its crappy. But learning everyday and my new comp is the bomb at Guarani so im going to learn a lot more of that this change as well. Pero gotta roll we going to help Presidente Martinez build his house. early this week we moved 2500 bricks. Just my comp and I, president, his son in law, and his Grandma who is 84 years old and was tearing it up. She was carrying like 5 bricks at the same time and I was carrying like 6 I felt like a wuss so I started carrying 8 and she moved up to 7 so I had to move up to 10 and almost killed myself. I was dead after and just sat down and she went and cooked us lunch and brought us drinks, still having a bunch of energy so I looked like a little girl. But what ever she’s a stud. But for reals gotta go love you all let me know how the game goes mason, No mercy. PS Good job Logan 1st place in IM holla at cho boy. Probably not going to beat my record but you can still try. PS got your letter grandma and grandpa still don’t know how to send a letter to austrailla but ill figure it out this week. PSS Signed my get legal papers on Friday in Asuncion so… im legal. (not sure what he means by legal but will let you know when I know)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The good, the great and the UGLY

what up bakersfield????? is it hot yet cause its still hot here. i dont really know how hot, everyday is starting to feel the same just hot. but lifes good, im a missionary how can i complain. i cant believe that Zack is home it feels like he just left. its definitely true about what he said about the mission helping you grow up. i can already tell that i have changed so much. i cant really describe the transition i went through but the Spirit. i have never felt it so stong in my life. im glad i get to have this feeling for the rest of my mission and the rest of my life. i cant wait til Blake and Kyle and Brock get to have this experience. how are their papers going? have we started the guessing game yet? cause my guess is theyre all coming to Paraguay. That would be sick!!!! but highly unlikely. that a bummer Logans sick is he done with basketball yet? Creo que si. let me know how the season went logan. how many slamma jammas you get? speaking of tomahawk jams that game must have been sick. the only thing i really miss watching is Basketball games. more specifically Lakers and of course the year i cant watch theyre going to win the ship. what ever. just tivo it for me dad, k thanks. and thanks again for the updates. like Half the zone are laker fans and every tuesday before zone meeting we have a little laker fan meeting and i fill everyone in on the latest Kobe domination. Well another week flew by again. i cant believe how fast everythings going. im almost done with my 2nd change. (Febuary 26 is changes) and im pretty sure that im going to be receiving a new companion. ill probably still be in the same area and he will leave. but i dont think im ready to go anyways so estoy tranquilo. big events that happened this week were... oh one is the mother of Chistofer (he is 9 years old) finally agreed to let him get baptized. -GOOD- it has been a struggle, she was baptized almost 15 years ago but only comes to church about once every couple years. we have been visting them for a solid month now and have never really made any progress. But christofer keeps wanting to come to church so we keep teaching him. But there was always a barrier in our teaching cause they dont really understand Spanish. the kids all speak Guarani and understand a little spanish, the mom can get by with her spanish but perfers Guarani. So we werent really having the greatest lessons with them. But as time went on and we simplified our lessons (a lot!!) we could tell that they were becoming more and more open to us. and one day my comp started talking to Christofer in Jopara and asked him, well more told him that it was his turn to get baptized and he excitedly agreed. so this Saturday we will be having a baptism for Christofer Troche. GREAT!!!the first one for this area in over 6 months, and it will also be my first baptism in Paraguay. and 2nd ever, after my favorite little sister Melanie. Other big news we had 8, yes 8!! investigators in church this week. mission high for me. one of which was Carlos who is the one with the bad leg and he is also getting baptized next week. im way stoked for him. i can really tell that he is gaining a testimony. its such an awesome experience to be able to be apart of these peoples lives and see their transformations into better people. i love being in paraguay and i love being a missionary. PS my comp has this rash called Fuego de San Antonio on his back that started as a little pimple that has now spread into three big quarter size warts so we went to the doctor who said that it is going to spread to his stomach and then the rest of his body. but it just itches really bad and it will go away in about a 3 weeks. ha i feel really bad for him. i really hope its not contagious. i really really hope its not contagious. please pray for him and also pray that its not contagious UGLY

Monday, February 16, 2009

Last Sunday my two sweet boys finished their Eagles. I should say my three boys because Marc worked harder than the boys. It was a great evening and I am happy that I will never have to nag them again about their Eagle. I know they will appreciate having earned it down the road but Mason threatened me with DEATH if I posted it in the school newspaper. I guess being a boy scout isn't the "cool" thing to do. I am grateful they do things even if they are just being obedient. I decided an Eagle Scout rank is worth the fight. I am however giving up on forcing him to go to Church Prom. That one isn't worth the fight.
Missionary Mail is coming tommorrow. That way I will have two posts in one week.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Church is true and the Book is blue.

Hey, Hey, Hey!!! whats going on. well im still in Paraguay and life is...feliz. OH also i received my first real letter today. well theyre all real letters but i got my real stamped letter today from Grandma and Grandpa. i was really excited it sounds like they are doing really great. ill try to get a letter off to them sometime soon. i just dont have a ton of time. but tell them thanks a ton and i love them. or just sent them this letter.
well im toasting like a bacon cheese out here. (name that movie mason or logan) the heat is incredible. i have never sweat ed so much in my life, and Urmstons know how to sweat. but it should rain again in the next couple of days and that will cool it down. last friday it rained all day it was awesome. the streets were like rivers and my comp and i went on the roof and played for a little bit. we counted it as companion study, but after we saw the lighting for the third time we bounced out right quick. um also the lady that owned the store below us passed away. that was kinda sad she was really nice and always had the kinda of soda i like. they took everything out of the store and and had a little funeral for her. it lasted like a day and a half. they didnt sleep they all just sat there and talked and ate.there were probably about 500 people that came thought to give their condolences (i think thats what it is called ¿si o no?) and more then have spoke portuguese so that was fun to hear. i think im going to learn that after spanish and guarani. but anyways the whole thing was actually a pretty pleasant event. We also went to a wedding this week. it was of the daughter of a member. it was really really small, but they were way happy. the reason they got married was the daughter was living with the man for a while and was embarrassed about coming back to church because well the werent married. but she is going to start going to church again and so is her husband and now were teaching him the lesson and then he is going to get baptized. how awesome is that. im way pumped for them. but i think my favorite thing that happened this week was Carlos came to church. Gimpy leg and all. i dont know if i told you about him yet. So i will... he is 15 years old. and he was living with his dad in some small city out side of Encarnacion. but about three months ago he got in a moto accident and broke his leg in 3 parts. it was pretty bad. so he moved here, to Cuidad del Este. cause we have a better medical care (well its not really better its just that we have it) and mostly cause his mom lives here and she is taking care of him while he is recovering. she is a member and her new husband is also a member. they are both solid and help so much in the lessons normally we just bring the pamplets and they teach the lessons its awesome. all we have to do is bear our testimonies and thats like my favorite thing to do in the whole wide world so BONUS. so all he needed to do is hobble to church one more time and then hobble into the baptismal font. He is way excited and really likes hanging out with the young men and the young women in the branch. mostly the young women but what never works for him. A wise man by the name of Jesse Orullian once told me long ago, the best way to get someone to church is flirt to convert. well i gotta go eat my weight at Godfathers Pizza right now. (mason bet you dont know that one) well actually its Pizza Hut but its still all you can eat pizza for 5 bucks so im not complaining. ps thank you nicole for your letters i miss you like crazy and your talia stories crack me up. i sent you a letter in the package home. love you keep me updated on the latest Talia quotes and the movements of Tristan. ps otro vez. thanks chelsea for the dear elders i sent you a letter a while ago i hope you got it let me know. also tell blake if i dont get a letter with in the next 2 weeks i wont ever scream at people pumping their gas at 7-11 ever again. haha that was so fun. love you. mason i told you happy birthday in the letter i sent home but just realized that you not going to get it for a while so happy birthday and one of the jerseys are for you and the others are for whoever they fit. k peace homie. hope the ankles better pssssss if any one else wants to write me please do i love getting letters and i would love to hear from you.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

To feel the Holy Spirit, to listen and to pray

I was wandering through blogland and came upon these pictures. I was overcome with emotion and knew I needed to share my feelings?(Mostly so I will remember how I feel right now.)
In Jordan's letter last week he said they were leaving his black market town at 1 in the morning to travel to the Asuncion Temple. He was so excited about this opportunity. I was filled with gratitude that he understands the importance of attending the temple. While he was in the MTC his favorite part of Pday was walking over to the Provo Temple with his district. It made my heart sing and even do some flip flops when he shared that with me. As a mother I have always tried to express how much I love the Temple and the bessings that come through temple attendance. When that love is shared by your children, it is truly one of the sweetest joys I have ever known.
Yesterday I was able to go to the temple in Fresno. It brought back tender memories of going with Courtney last month. I pulled my temple dress out and pinned to it still, was a little lavendar escort label. I felt grateful all over again for the journey that Courtney took that led her to a temple marriage. I am grateful for the joys that come as I mother my children and know that I need to cherish the joys more and let the other "stuff" just float by. I have wonderful children and I don't tell them often enough how proud of them I am of their good choices. I am enjoying the journey today and writing it down so I will remember, on those days that I think I should have let someone else have these children, that the Lord truly is in charge and I have angels attending and watching over my children. Thank you to Kathy McKeon for opening my eyes to all the wonder of temple attendance.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back in Blogland

hello family how are you! how was the wedding? i hope everything was tranquilo. sorry i missed it Courtney slash Brigham but i was a little tied up. i think you guys understand. ha but im happy for you both hopefully i dont miss too many births. (Note from Linda- no pregnancies in the immediate family to announe) well life is awesome here. my luck with computers continues even on the other side of the Ecuador about half way through my letter the dang thing turned off. not the happiest moment of the week but its all good ill just write fast. oh had another 1st this week NOTICE: first time in almost 2 months i was cold in Paraguay it was a good day. well i dont want to lie it was more of a not being hot day. but i liked it. this week was good. probabaly one of the hardest working weeks we have had. Saturday we visited our Investigator again to make sure they were all ready for church on Sunday and we got 20 si o si´s. so i was pretty pumped. we woke Sunday morning ready to go, and it was raining like really raining like raining, pouring the old man is snoring kind of rain. and Paraguayos arent huge fans of the rain. when it rains its like the city stops for a day. its weird. so we visited everyone before church and no one wanted to go. so instead of 20 investigators in church we had 1. but its all good next week well just pray for no rain. so if you would like to pray for no rain on sunday mornings in Paraguay that would be greatly appreciated. Gracias. Que mas paso esta semana.... the language is coming along...good. im not really to worried about it i just keep praying and reading my Libro de Mormon and i know it will come eventually. Oh i learned how to read Guarani. well not really i know what each letter sounds like but i cant really read it. they actually do have the same alphebet as us but with a few extra letters. every vowel has a nasal accent. and im not really that good at it yet. but im working on it. ill sent you a little on the tape im sending home this week. but the most interesting word i learned this weeek would have to be obama. OBAMA- to move, to change. ¿Loco no? the big joke they always say down here is. This man called the white house and asked to speak to Bush, but the lady on the over side said, ¨no obama.¨ haha well its a lot funny in jopara, and my comp says its even funny in Guarani but i didnt understand it in Guarani. oh Tomorrow were going to the temple im way excited were leaving tonight at 1 so we can get there in the morning. im a little nervous for everything in Spanish but it should be interesting. well thats all i got for ya. i would love to answer more of your questions just let me know what you want to know and then ill let you know. bueno k love you all, oh im digging masons new position. the Enforcer. they should put it on his Jersey. now that i think of it thats kinda what he has always played. speaking of which did Mike Quills arm every heal? probably not. if you see him tell him i said hi and he should write me a letter. well gotta blast love you all and i love being a missionary.


What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Mt. Whitney

Mt. Whitney
Two Men Conquer the Mountain

The Family

The Family
Sun-kissed and oh so happy at Leo Carillo! Our Easter tradition for 20 years and we couldn't be in a better place. Life is all about family and I feel so blessed to have the children and husband that I have.

Jordan at Bass Lake

Jordan at Bass Lake
He thinks he's pretty awesome...

Dad and his other boys

Dad and his other boys
Coach Urmston pumping up the boys before they break two Area records.

Nicole and Courtney

Nicole and Courtney
Happy Birthday to Harry Potter! Candice threw a great bash for Harry's birthday - We should llive at Hogwarts.


Logan and Buddha are hardcore.

Mommy and Talia

Mommy and Talia
Wake up, Mommy. Yee-haw, yee-haw!

Talia and Candice

Talia and Candice


Bo Derek building sandcastles.

Marky Marc

Marky Marc
On his way to China.


Doesn't get any better than this!